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14 October 2016 – Role the Deputy Crime Commissioner and how the police grant is spent


Dear Mrs Mulligan
At this month’s Catterick Parish Council meeting the Parish Councillors were discussing your proposal to employ a deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.
The Councillors would like to know what role the Deputy Crime Commissioner would take on and thought that the salary of £50,000 could be better spent on front line policing. They did not think that the 2% interest in the Police portion of the Council Tax should be used to fund this.
Using the Freedom of Information Act, the Parish Council would like to have a break down on how the Police Grant is spent and also some justification on the need for this new position.


Thank you very much for taking the time to contact me regarding the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner position.

I have attached a copy of my Annual Report, which provides a breakdown of how police funding is spent in North Yorkshire. You will see on page 22, that during the 2015/16 financial year, 0.5% of the total budget was spent on my office. This is significantly less than the Police Authority used to spend, and in fact I spent £500,000 less over my last term of office compared to what the old Police Authority would have spent.

On the cost of the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, I want to reassure you and your Council members that the cost comes from my existing office budget, which as explained, is less than the Police Authorities used to be. Further to this, the salary for this post is £45,000, not £50,000 and the recent rise in the police precept is not being used to fund this post, but an increase in Police officers.

Thirdly, North Yorkshire Police (NYP) have launched a successful recruitment campaign this year. Front line policing has always been a priority and as you may already be aware I reversed the Police Authorities decision to cut officer numbers to 1,270 and have worked very hard to invest in the frontline. Recently the Chief Constable and I agreed to boost officer numbers to 1400. Once we reach 1400 officers, it will mean more officers than at any time since 2012.  We are also increasing the number of PCSO’s from 183 to 200.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain why this role is needed and how it will benefit the residents of North Yorkshire. I need a Deputy to help me develop the Police and Crime Plan and take a strategic lead on the implementation of specific elements of it which are critical to delivery of my manifesto promises. This includes greater collaboration between all three emergency services in North Yorkshire, with neighbouring police forces and partners such as the ambulance service. This is why the job description is focused largely on working with others. There is much to do and unlike council leaders for example, where the concept of a Deputy is well established, I do not have a group of colleagues from which to draw support.

At the start of my second term in office, I am naturally reviewing all aspects of my staffing arrangements to make sure I am best placed to deliver on the Police and Crime Plan and my manifesto. North Yorkshire is the largest policing county in the country and at times it’s proven impossible to be in two places at once. I feel that a Deputy will help me engage with even more people across the county. They will also need to be able to work with local and national politicians to deliver change that benefits the residents of North Yorkshire, for example, influencing the police funding formula.

I hope this has helped to explain the role in more detail and also offer some reassurance. However, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire

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