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19 December 2012: Information relating to the costs of the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner

Following your recent freedom of information request, please see below the required responses:

What annual budget does the police commissioner get for staff?

The PCC has yet to set her budget for staff.  However, she inherited from the former Police Authority an annual staffing budget of £340k (of which £196k is currently utilised) plus £60k for the Treasurer and £64k for Internal Audit.

Has the police commissioner hired staff?

Not at present although she is advertising for a Head of Policy and Projects.

What have the staff been hired for?

See above.

What has the cost so far been for police commissioner staff since she was elected ?

See above.

What are the salaries of those staff?

Link expired

Salaries of non-senior staff will not be disclosed.

How much has it cost so far in 2012 to buy or rent offices for the police commissioner?

£1,115.51 to end of December 2012.  In addition, the PCC has inherited the former offices of the Police Authority to house the small support staff team – annual cost £19k.

How much has been spent on office furniture and stationary for each police commissioner so far in 2012?

Zero for North Yorkshire.