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9 April 2013: Staff employed by PCC

I write in connection with your request for information which was received by the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (Commissioner) on 9 April 2013. I apologise for the delay in responding to the request and for your patience in the meantime.

Your request was in respect of:

A list of all appointments made by the Commissioner and the following specific information on each post:

As at the date of your request, since the Commissioner’s appointment in November 2012 there had been one member of staff appointed.  The details are set out below. The individual member of staff has consented to the release of those details (salary, for example) which might otherwise be exempt from disclosure pursuant to s40 Freedom of Information Act 2000 because it is personal data.

At the time of your request, the Commissioner had commenced formal consultation processes in respect of a Change Proposal which set out changes to the leadership structure for both North Yorkshire Police and the Commissioner’s statutory officers. Details of the outcome of that restructure, including its financial impact, will be published shortly.

A)  The name of the staff member appointed:

Mr William Naylor

B)  The date he began his role:

Monday 7th January 2013

C)  The salary attached to the post:

£31,000 spot salary

D)  A job description of the post:

The outline job description for the Head of Policy and Projects is as follows:


  • Developing policy options for consideration by the Commissioner in pursuit of the statutory functions of her Office
  • Writing reports and drafting policy documents
  • Researching, interpreting and presenting government and other related statistics, policy, legislation and data as and when required
  • Keeping up to date with regular publications of national research/think tank institutions and of statistical bulletins
  • Working with the police and partners to build an evidence base and needs assessment for strategic planning, policy development, implementation and evaluation of policy and projects
  • Working with the communications team, external relations and community engagement staff and media to develop effective public consultations and engagement on policy, decision-making and project implementation in communities and across the force area
  • Analysing and interpreting information and reports produced and providing written and oral briefings to the Commissioner to help hold the Chief Constable to account as well as prepare for Police and Crime Panel meetings
  • Attending meetings to assist and advise the Commissioner


  • Recommending, designing and undertaking specific projects on behalf of the Commissioner to help deliver her manifesto and priorities set out in the police and crime plan
  • Follow up, actions, projects and feedback to and on behalf of constituents following surgeries and other public enquiries to the Commissioner
  • Attending surgeries to assist the Commissioner

E)  A description of the process through which the appointment was made:

The post was advertised in December 2012, applications were by way of Curriculum Vitae and the interviews took place on 3rd January 2013.  The interviews were conducted by the Commissioner and the Commissioner’s Chief Executive.

F)  The number of applicants who applied for the appointment:

4 individuals applied for the post. 2 were interviewed.