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DSAR & FOI requests

Information disclosed

Our Ref: Our Ref: NY8220 - Date: 16.02.2023


I write in connection with your request for information that was received by the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire (OPFCC). 10th January 2023. Please accept our apologies for the delay in providing you with a response.

I note you seek access to the following information:  

  1. How many DSAR requests did you receive last year in 2022
  1. How many FOI requests did you receive last year in 2022 
  1. Do you have a redaction policy in place? 
  1. If your answer to Question 3 is a YES, can you share your redaction policy? 
  1. What tools do you use to undertake redaction? 
  1. What tools do you use to undertake email de-duplication? 
  1. What tools do you use to undertake file de-duplication? 
  1. How much has the organisation spent on redaction tools such as licensing in the last 12 months? 
  1. What file conversion tools do you use? 
  1. How many people are redacting in the information governance team? 
  1. What company or 3rd party do you use for redaction? 
  1. How many departments are involved in redacting information? 
  1. Has your organisation received a data breach fine in the last 5 years? 
  1. If Question number 13 is a yes, please tell me how much the organisation was fined. 
  1. Have the information governance team recruited in the last 12 months? 
  1. If Question number 15 is a yes, please tell me how many persons(s) were recruited? 
  1. Does the information governance team have a budget to spend on tools to help them convert and redact documents? 
  1. How much has your organisation spent on managing DSARs in the last 12 months? (This money spent on tools, pens, scalpels and staff)

Extent and Result of Searches to Locate Information 

To locate the information relevant to your request searches were conducted within the OPFCC.

I can confirm that the information you have requested is held by the OPFCC.


I have today decided to disclose the located information to you.

  1. 1 DSAR was received
  2. 19 FOIs were received between 1.1.2022 / 31.12.2022
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. Redaction is undertaken electronically/manually
  6. Email de-duplication is undertaken manually
  7. File de-duplication is undertaken manually
  8. N/A
  9. N/A
  10. 2 staff members
  11. N/A
  12. 1 department
  13. No
  14. N/A
  15. N/A
  16. N/A
  17. No
  18. Management of DSARs and FOIs are undertaken as tasks within job roles where job roles cover a variety of other tasks which use the same tools for all tasks. As such it is not possible to provide this specific information as requested

Please note that systems used for recording information are not generic, nor are the procedures used locally in capturing the data.  It should be noted therefore that the OPFCC’s response to your questions should not be used for comparison purposes with any other responses you may receive.

Complaint Rights

Your attention is drawn to the attached sheet which details your right of complaint.

If you have any queries concerning this request, please contact me quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely,

Tina James-McGrath

Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, North Yorkshire