Jo Coles - York and North Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing, Fire and Crime

Jo Coles - North Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing, Fire and Crime

Police vehicles fitted with VHF/UHF tracking system

No information held to answer the request

Our Ref: 20 October 2020 - NY5668

I write in connection with your request for information that was received by the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire (OPFCC) on 20.10.2020.

I note you seek access to the following information:  

“… Under the freedom of information act I need some information in regards to the police vehicles which are fitted with VHF/UHF tracking system which locate and recover stolen vehicles, In particular :a) How many vehicles have been fitted with this technology b) How many vehicles are on patrol each day using this system c) The name of the VHF system used – make and specd) Use of any external companies to carry out the recovery. e) How is Anpr system helping to reduce these numbers in Yorkshire. I would really appreciate the information as I’m looking into the rise of stolen vehicles, high insurance premiums and what is being done by the force to combat this problem …” 

Extent and Result of Searches to Locate Information

To locate the information relevant to your request searches were conducted within the OPFCC.

I wish to advise you that there is no information held by the OPFCC in order to answer your request. This is because the information you are seeking is held by North Yorkshire Police.

Please note that systems used for recording information are not generic, nor are the procedures used locally in capturing the data.  It should be noted therefore that the OPFCC’s response to your questions should not be used for comparison purposes with any other responses you may receive.