Community Fund projects 2019/20

£1,902 has been awarded to two projects

Kick Off@3, North Yorkshire Police

£902 Police Property funding awarded

Funding will enable a targeted group of young people from identified communities in North Yorkshire, to take part in a national police-led project that engages with young people through the medium of sports and music and raises awareness and funds for a range of charities that promote health and well-being in young people.

This police-led project will use sports and music to help break down barriers with vulnerable young people from hard to reach communities.   It will focus on teamwork, team building, health, positive relations and progression in life.

The project will help bring a range of communities and different backgrounds together though sport. Whilst doing this it reinforces a positive image of local policing, supports young people and police relationships and collaboration between two other local forces and Durham University.

Local neighbourhood teams will support the identification of young people to take part, aimed at diverting them away from anti-social behaviour with something constructive to focus on.

Actions have Consequences Educational Road Safety Presentation, Multi-agency, Countywide

£1,000.00 funding awarded

Funding will support the delivery and countywide roll out of ‘Actions have consequences’; a one hour long, short film and live speaker performance. Targeted at young people aged 15 upwards, the session aims to promote safety, challenge young driver behaviour and keep vulnerable users safe on the roads.

The presentations mix a short film based on a local incident with emergency service representatives and civilian guest speakers, who take to the stage to talk frankly and openly about their experiences. It is thought provoking, emotive and challenging and aims to empower students to take responsibility for their own actions on the roads – whether a driver or passenger.

It is a devastating fact that road death is the biggest ‘unnatural’ killer of young people in the UK.