Our Priorities

Priorities set by the Youth Commission

Hate Crime

Our aims:

  • Promote understanding of hate crime definitions and consequences.
  • Consult with young people with personal experiences of hate crime and those who have reported it.
  • Work with police and agencies to encourage more victims to come forward.
  • Understand how the internet can be used effectively to tackle hate crime.

The Relationship between Young People, Police & Authorities

Our aims:

  • Advise the police on how to engage effectively with young people and prevent youth crime.
  • Gather the views and experiences of young people and feed them back to the police.
  • Support the training and development of police officers and PCSOs.

Mental Health & Vulnerable Young People

Our aims:

  • Raise awareness and tackle the stigma around mental health.
  • Show young people how to recognise the signs, seek help and support peers.
  • Help the police and agencies to respond effectively with young people in vulnerable situations.

Abusive Relationships

Our aims:

  • Raise awareness of the different types of abusive relationships and challenge misconceptions.
  • Find out how much young people know and where they would go for help.
  • Explore how to improve the police response and support for victims.
  • Address a wide range of different types of abuse including cyber-bullying & honour-based violence.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Our aims:

  • Understand the root causes and how these can be addressed.
  • Raise awareness of causes and effects through peer campaigns with older and younger years.
  • Work with the police to reduce the availability of and harm caused by drugs and alcohol.
  • Continue to explore and address the issue of New Pyschoactive Substances (previously known as legal highs).

Missing Young People and Exploitation

Our aims:

  • Listen to the views of young people who are homeless and living in care.
  • Collect stories of young people who go missing and give them a voice.
  • Raise awareness and tackle stereotypes towards these young people.
  • Inform police training and empathy in relation to missing young people.