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15 June, 2022

Commissioner Zoe receives update from Minister for Safe and Legal Migration in relation to Linton-on-Ouse proposals.

Zoë Metcalfe – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and the City of York

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Zoë Metcalfe said:

I am pleased that the Minister has replied to my letters outlining my concerns over the proposals to repurpose the old Linton-on-Ouse RAF base as an asylum accommodation centre.

In his letter, Kevin Foster MP, Minister for Safe and Legal Migration has confirmed that they will not accommodate asylum seekers at the RAF Linton-on-Ouse site until it is safe and conforms to all legal requirements, including planning. Only once that is all in place will they make a formal decision on whether to use the site for asylum accommodation.

He also recognises that the anticipated use of Linton-on-Ouse will create additional policing requirements and that the costs associated with this should be met by the Government.

I very much welcome the Minister’s commitment.

I will continue to work closely with the Government and communities at Linton-on-Ouse to ensure that residents on and off the site are safe, and feel safe – and that the costs of any additional demand on police and fire services, are paid from central funds.