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13 June, 2018

Have your say on the impact of fly tipping – and what more should be done to tackle it

Julia Mulligan asked to be part of review of waste crime by Environment Secretary

Fly tipping and waste crime can be a stain on the landscape for communities across North Yorkshire, spoiling the look of an area and impacting farmers and landowners who have to clear up the mess.

Now, the County’s elected Police and Crime Commissioner has been asked to be part of a review of the issue set up by the Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

He has asked Julia Mulligan to be part of an advisory panel which will look at the impact of serious and organised waste crime and what additional powers are needed to tackle it by organisations such as the Environment Agency, police, local authorities and National Crime Agency.

To support the work, Julia is asking for your help. She wants to make sure everyone in North Yorkshire who has concerns about fly tipping or other waste crimes has their say by being part of the review.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has launched a ‘call for evidence’ where residents and businesses can give their view on the impact of waste crime, what they think of the current response and what more needs to be done in the future.

Responses can be given online at https://consult.defra.gov.uk/waste/serious-and-organised-waste-crime/ until 8 July.

Julia Mulligan said:

“Fly tipping and other waste crimes have a serious impact in North Yorkshire and we need to do more to ensure the issue is tackled. It blights the countryside and puts off tourists, it causes substantial costs for farmers and landowners to clear and poses dangers to livestock and wildlife.

“It is often carried out by the same people in the same places who think they can act with impunity time after time. This serious and organised crime has to stop, and it is positive the Secretary of State agrees.

“I am encouraging everyone who has a view on this issue, and faces problems due to fly tipping and waste crime, to have their say and I will ensure the views of North Yorkshire and rural communities across the country are reflected in this review.”

Find out how to submit your views and evidence on the DEFRA website