16 August, 2021

Tell Philip your priorities for policing, fire and rescue and victims’ services

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Philip Allott is asking everyone to share their views on how to keep communities safe as he launches a three-month consultation on the people’s priorities for policing, fire and rescue and victims’ services.

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New Commissioners are required by law to set out their plans for the length of their term and Philip wants to hear from as many people before Sunday 7 November as he develops his Police and Crime Plan, and Fire and Rescue Plan for 2021-2024.

The ‘Your Safety, Your Priorities, Your Plans’ consultation aims to encourage a debate about what the priorities for policing and the fire and rescue service should be.

As well as online surveys which everyone can respond to, there will be representative targeted surveys undertaken, focus groups with partners and a 16-stop tour across the length and breadth of North Yorkshire and York.

Between now and November, these events in villages, towns and cities across the area will each focus on different elements of the consultation with members of the public, businesses, organisations, councillors and partners all encouraged to attend and ensure their views are heard.

More details on the consultations, the draft plans and how everyone can have their say is available now at www.tellphilip.co.uk.

The plans being developed and consulted on are:

  • Police and Crime Plan 2021-2024 – sets out the vision and priorities for North Yorkshire Police, community safety and victims’ rights, as well as the objectives and ambitions that the Chief Constable will be held to account against.
  • Fire and Rescue Plan 2021-2024 – sets out the strategic vision, priorities and objectives for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for how it will better respond to the need of our communities.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Philip Allott said:

“Ensuring our communities are as safe as possible is my number one priority but while I have lots of ideas of how we can achieve that, I want to ensure my plans for the future reflect everyone’s priorities.

“This wide-ranging and extensive consultation is part of my commitment to ensure transparency in decision-making and ensure we can make a difference to the lives of everyone across North Yorkshire and York.

“In the coming months, I will be across our area and look forward to meeting with many of you. Everyone can also have their say online in my survey and I would ask you to take the short amount of time needed to take part by answering the questions and giving your honest views.

“These documents which we need to produce by law have long titles and complex requirements, but they are all about one thing – your safety, which is why I want to know your priorities to ensure they are your plans. Please get involved in this consultation and have your say. I promise it will be listened to.”

The consultation documents are also available in a variety of accessible formats from the Commissioner’s office which can be contacted on 01423 569 562, by emailing info@northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk or writing to the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, 12 Granby Road, Harrogate HG1 4ST.

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