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16 July, 2021

Commissioner calls for action on road safety in Hemingbrough

Philip Allott and Luke Vardy by the busy road in Hemingbrough.
North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has visited Hemingbrough, near Selby, to see for himself just how dangerous the A63 there is after numerous complaints from residents.

Philip Allott met Luke Vardy and a group from the community to hear about their concerns, and experience the conditions on the main road through the village for himself.

One resident explained how he has had two caravans written off whilst trying to turn into his driveway by vehicles that failed to notice him turning. Another explained how lorries thunder down the road at night, shaking her house.

A third described their horror as two dogs were hit and the driver didn’t stop, while another told of how her son was hit by a vehicle whilst trying to cross the road and had to be airlifted to hospital.

Philip said:

“This really is a dangerous stretch of road. One speed-activated sign, buried in the overgrown hedge, does nothing to discourage motorists to slow down while another activates constantly warning drivers to reduce their speed but they simply don’t.

“In the time I was there, I saw for myself just how much of a threat the A63 is. While trying to cross the road, on the central pedestrian refuge, I was nearly taken out by a lorry driver who was too impatient to let the vehicle in front of him slow down and let me cross. This crossing point is used by children to get to the park and I dare not think what may have happened if it was them and not me crossing the road at the time.

“The road layout, crossing points, road markings and signage all need to be reviewed and I am writing to the North Yorkshire Highways department requesting them to do this, and consider introducing a 30 MPH limit.

“The North Yorkshire Police safety camera van does visit the village but residents told me they rarely see it and, as soon as it has gone, things quickly revert back to normal. I will be asking the Chief Constable to step up patrols in the area, and especially in the evening.

“My office will also be helping the community to connect with their local councillors and apply for community speed watch and any other support available.”

Resident Luke Vardy said:

“This road is very dangerous, and it’s very risky for our children crossing the road. Lorries go up and down here, motorbikes speed all the time on here and our houses actually vibrate because the lorries are going so fast.

“We are trying to reduce the speed limit to 30, we’re trying to get some speed intervention and we hope  the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner will be able to help us with that.”

The newly elected Commissioner is reviewing the use of mobile and fixed safety cameras across North Yorkshire and York with a view of using a mix of approaches to make our roads safer.

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