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11 October, 2023

Episode 1 of ‘Just a Kiss’, raising awareness of stalking, to be broadcast 12 October at 4.00pm

Just a Kiss - Montage of episode posters
‘Just a Kiss, has been produced to raise awareness of stalking, how to report stalking and the services available to victims to help them to cope and recover.

Just a Kiss follows the story of a young university fresher who, having met a man on a night out, becomes the victim of stalking.

Tomorrow at 4.00pm the first episode will be broadcast on the Commissioner’s social media channels.

In a series of nine episodes, one broadcast every day at 4.00pm, we follow Mia, her family and friends as the story unfolds. 

Zoë Metcalfe, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner said: 

“We were delighted with the reception that the first two episodes of ‘Just a Kiss’ received at our Violence Against Women and Girls Event in July, and we couldn’t wait for the whole film to be made public.

“The events portrayed in this film sensitively reflect the experiences not just of victims of stalking, but their friends and loved ones as well. I would urge anyone who feels they may be a victim of stalking or harassment to contact Supporting Victims, where they can speak to experienced professionals offering help and advice.”

If you feel you may be a victim of stalking or harassment, visit www.supportingvictims.org, or call 01609 643 100 

In July 2022 the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner made a successful bid from the Home Office Safer Streets 4 Fund, securing nearly £100,000 for investment in a review of the response to stalking and harassment across North Yorkshire and York, in partnership with The Suzy Lamplugh Trust. 

As well as funding bespoke training for police officers and staff from partnership organisations, conducting victim-focused assessment, funding was also allocated for the creation of an awareness-raising resource.

As part of the latter, the Commissioner’s Office commissioned a production company called ‘Rural Media’ to create a film aimed at 16–24-year-olds raising awareness of stalking.

Rural Media worked alongside the Commissioner’s Office, victim support agencies and the North Yorkshire Police Stalking Team to produce a script, hire actors and source locations for filming that reflected the real-life stalking and harassment scenarios taking place in North Yorkshire.

The film, titled ‘Just a Kiss’, is broken down into nine short episodes, which will be released day-by-day on social media starting on 12 October.

Each episode of Just a Kiss can be viewed on our website, by visiting www.northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk/justakiss.

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