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14 June, 2018

#NoMoreNaming campaign continues

Julia Mulligan has today continued her call for a change to revenge porn laws

Julia has appeared on BBC News, the Victoria Derbyshire programme and a number of local radio stations, to push for changes to revenge porn laws.

This follows work from BBC Yorkshire to uncover numbers of cases brought to police forces, and how many of those cases were progressed.

More information on those figures can be seen on the BBC website –

Julia Mulligan said:

“I have been pressing for a change to the law for two years now, and will keep going until I see the changes I know victims need. It cannot be right that victims can be prevented coming forwards because they fear being publicly named, and having no protection from the media should their case go to court. Victims have to be better protected.

“To build a stronger evidence base for changing the law, I will be launching a survey targeted at revenge porn victims in the coming weeks. I hope this will prove once and for all that the law as it stands is letting down victims.

“The #NoMoreNaming campaign continues, and if anyone wants to sign the petition or find out more, please visit”