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27 October, 2017

North Yorkshire Police uses mutual aid at Kirby Misperton

Officers from neighbouring police forces supported the operation at the protest site in Kirby Misperton, yesterday and today.

North Yorkshire Police required about 25 officers to support policing through mutual aid arrangements, due to the large number protestors coming to the village from outside the area.

This allowed the force to maintain policing services across North Yorkshire and the City of York.

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “My main concern is that business as usual is maintained across the county, and if mutual aid is required to achieve that, then I fully support it.

However, it will increase the cost of policing the protests at Kirby Misperton and this is something that I will continue to monitor closely.

“Currently, North Yorkshire Police has the necessary contingencies and budgets in place to deal with events such as this in the short term. However, if the costs escalate beyond certain limits, I need reassurance that I have the option to seek recovery of costs from central government.” 

Julia will be publishing the additional cost of policing the protests every month ahead of her Public Accountability Meeting.