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11 January, 2023

Last few days – Make sure your voice is heard

Precept consultation ends 16 January
Residents across North Yorkshire and the City of York are being urged to tell Commissioner Zoë how much they are willing to pay for policing and fire and rescue services before her online consultation ends on Monday 16 January.
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North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Zoë Metcalfe, is asking how much you think should be invested in local policing and fire and rescue services from your council tax bills from April this year.

One of Zoë’s roles, required by law, is to set the police and fire precepts – the amounts dedicated to policing and fire and rescue services in North Yorkshire and York from every household.

As part of her commitment to ensure everyone has the chance to have their say before the amounts are decided, she wants to know your views as part of a consultation. She will then make her proposals to the Police, Fire and Crime Panel in February.

The survey opens today, Monday 5 December, and runs until Monday 16 January at www.tellCommissionerZoe.co.uk.

Commissioner Zoë said:

“One of my roles is to set the precepts for North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, something every Commissioner has to do every year.

“It is never easy asking for more money, and I know that many individuals and families are facing financial pressures, but our emergency services are also dealing with rising costs as they continue their vital work to keep us all safe.

“This year is particularly challenging as I have to balance the burden on taxpayers and the growing demands for services from our police and fire and rescue services, so it’s vital that I hear your views.

“Please go online, take just a few minutes to have your say and I will ensure your views are reflected when decisions are made.”

Details on the consultation and the proposals to be commented on can be found at www.tellCommissionerZoe.co.uk.

Click here to start the survey