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15 January, 2018

Questions wanted for #NYPscrutiny meeting focusing on reoffending

Julia Mulligan, the elected Police and Crime Commissioner is inviting the public to ask questions via Twitter for the next meeting of the monthly police accountability meeting. To be held on Tuesday 23 January at 13:30, and webcast LIVE, the Commissioner is focusing on reoffending.

Viewers of the live webcast can ask the Board questions via Twitter during the meeting, or ask them beforehand, by using #NYPscrutiny.

Meeting overview

This month’s meeting focuses on managing offenders but will hear an update on 101, policing at Kirby Misperton and much much more.

When offenders are convicted, many will spend time in prison before being released back to the community, whereas others will serve community based sentences.

A large group of offenders the police work with are registered sex offenders, who remain subject to restrictions even after they have been released from prison.  The restrictions are in place to ensure that any potential risks are identified and closely managed.

For many offenders, re-offending can be reduced by tackling the cause for offending. Some offences may for example be driven by an addiction of some kind, which may also be linked to the environment in which the offender lives. By working with other agencies to reduce the root causes of offending it is possible to reduce the chances of re-offending.

Ask a question

The full procedure for asking questions at this meeting is available here: Procedure for public questions

  • To ask a question in advance 
    Send your question to info@northyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk before midday on Friday 19 January please include your name and address with your question.
  • To ask a question during the meeting using Twitter
    To ask a question during the live broadcast, post your question on Twitter using #NYPscrutiny
    There will be a cut off point for asking questions, this will be announced during the meeting.

Watch LIVE


No. Time Item Purpose Lead
1 13:30 Attendance and apologies To note attendance and apologies: PCC
2 13:35 Minutes of previous meeting To discuss and agree the draft minutes of the previous meeting held on 28 November 2017 and to discuss the action log. ALL
3 13:35 Questions from the public To address questions raised by the public in advance in relation to the agenda PCC
4 13:45 Offender Management Main presentation and discussion.
5 14:20 Policing update – Kirby Misperton Update T/ACC
6 14:30 Performance / Outcome Updates Performance and outcome updates DCC
7 14:45 Calls for service – 101 Improving customer service via 101 & 999 DCC
8 15:00 Forward Planner To discuss proposed thematic items for future meetings ALL
9 15:10 Questions on Twitter To address questions raised by the public during the meeting in relation to the agenda PCC / CC
10 15:20 Any other business  ALL
11 Date of Next Meeting 27 February 2018 at 13:30hrs,  West Offices, York on the topic of local policing

Agenda papers

Please visit Public accountability meeting – 23 January 2018 – Managing offenders, where the meeting papers will be published as soon as they become available.

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