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24 March, 2023

Starbeck level crossing – Risk & Resource Model – North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Commissioner Zoe Metcalfe

Commenting on the Risk & Resource Model – North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, and concerns and misapprehensions around Starbeck level crossing, Commissioner Zoë Metcalfe, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and York said:

“I am aware of local concerns that have been the subject of limited media coverage about a misunderstanding in respect of the operational significance of the level crossing at Starbeck. These concerns seem to have come about in the context of recent changes that were agreed, to support how North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service best uses its fire engines across North Yorkshire and York to reduce risk and respond to emergencies.

“The concerns appear to arise from an originating (minor) misapprehension on the part of NYFRS, conveyed informally to me and passed on in good faith. There also appears to be a misunderstanding on the part of the media (and therefore also local stakeholders and the public) about the significance of that information in relation to the statutory Risk and Resource Model.

“I want to reiterate that the Risk and Resource Model proposals were subject of a detailed modelling and consultation process undertaken in support of the review of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service provision.

“The nature of the misunderstanding does not warrant a reconsideration of the resource proposals and statutory planning process that is now complete.

“Nonetheless, I recognise that local concerns about this misunderstanding should be addressed and I propose to offer a meeting with myself and North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, should any local councillor wish to avail themselves of that opportunity.”