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2 September, 2019

Youth Commission update – Work experience with the police

North Yorkshire Police held their annual Work Experience Programme at Force HQ, Alverton Court, in July. From over 250 applicants, 20 were selected with the Youth Commission’s Dawid, being one of them.

Work experience with North Yorkshire Police is open to youngsters from any ability, faith, gender and background, who are in education (including home schooling) within the county of North Yorkshire and the city of York.

It is a fantastic opportunity for young people who are interested in joining the policing family to gain an insight into what the police do, not just as police officers but also the different roles of police staff and opportunities across the organisation.

Partnership Hub Officer Andy Collinson said:

“Our main aim was to engage with young people within our communities, encourage dialogue and openness.”

“Highlights for the participants were the police fitness test, police equipment, police dogs, helicopters, the firearms support unit, murder investigations, fraud, cyber crime and the force control room.”

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive with 100% giving it an enjoyment rating of eight out of 10 or above.

The Youth Commission’s very own Dawid was amongst the 20 selected and Chris James, the Youth Commission’s Coordinator, caught up with him to find out his thoughts:

Q : What is your ambition in life?

“Good question. To join the North Yorkshire Police and help with maintaining the IT that the Police uses. As I like my ICT stuff and the Police so it would be a good mix.”

Q : Describe the week you’ve just had?

“The week with the North Yorkshire Police was amazing! It was very interesting, how many different types of jobs there are in the Police. I learnt a lot of things that the Police do and how they help each other to keep the public safe.”

Q : How did the experience shape your ambition?

“It shaped my idea of joining the Police a lot better as there are lots of jobs to choose in the police. It showed how many jobs involved IT skills and helped me to know what job I want to do.”

Q : Do you feel that the Police service welcome people with different abilities?

“The police welcome people from all different backgrounds and with all kinds of abilities, in my opinion. As the recruitment staff said ‘if you have additional considerations, just mention it in your application and they’ll find the way to meet your needs.”

Q : Did you get the sense that the Police are equipped with the right kit, skills and attitudes to keep the public safe in a changing world?

“The Police do have the right equipment, attitude and skills, as the world changes. But the police can sometimes make mistakes like everyone else and then it’s all over the media. At the end of the day they are human like everyone else. We often don’t hear when they go above and beyond so don’t believe that the Police are bad and can’t do their jobs right. They are keeping the peace, enforcing the law, keeping you safe and you can talk to them if you needed too. I would strongly encourage people to take part in the Police Work Experience Week, as you’ll learn lots and have fun at the same time!”

Thanks Dawid

By Chris James, Youth Commission Coordinator