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Commissioner Zoë can ask questions on your behalf in her Online Public Meeting with the Chief Constable or Chief Fire Officer. Ask your question and find out more.

Why we record your gender

Find out how we record your gender, and why.

The Commissioner’s Office is not a healthcare organisation and so gathering data about the sex chromosomes a person was born with is not relevant when consulting with the public in relation to police and fire services.

Inclusivity is important to our organisation and our interest is in how a person identifies themselves, and therefore how they access support services.

Providing a list of gender identity options will help us to understand the demographics of North Yorkshire and York and help us in our work to keep people safe and feeling safe.

In our surveys you will be asked the following:

How would you describe your gender?

  • Male (including transgender men)
  • Female (including transgender women)
  • Prefer to self-describe as ____________ (non-binary, gender-fluid, agender, please specify)
  • Prefer not to say.