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15 March, 2024

Commissioner urges residents in areas of Scarborough and York to sign up for free security upgrades as scheme opens.

A scheme to improve the security of hundreds of homes in Scarborough and York has now launched.

Over £300,000 is being invested to prevent burglary and protect individuals, families, and businesses in over 15,000 homes in specific areas of Scarborough and York.

It is an extension of the Protect Your Home scheme which has already previously improved security at hundreds of homes and farms located in the Selby, Harrogate, and Craven areas of North Yorkshire.

The scheme aims to prevent burglary and improve security in urban residential homes by providing and installing video doorbells in target areas.

Free upgrades are available to homes in Castle ward in Scarborough and Clifton, Guildhall and Westfield wards in York.

Eligible residents will receive a registration pack through the post over the next few months.

Residents are being encouraged to sign up to the scheme online at https://www.northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk/protectyourhome/ 

 Commissioner Zoë said: 

 “I encourage everyone in the Scarborough and York wards who are eligible for the scheme to sign up now and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to protect your family, your home and your community. 

“The security upgrades are backed by the police, councils, and crime prevention partners, providing practical advice and using the latest technology which aims to keep burglars away, such as RING video doorbells. 

“Burglary can leave people feeling vulnerable, frightened and distressed, the best way of deterring criminals from the entire community is for as many residents as possible to sign up and make their properties more secure so please sign up as soon as possible.” 

 Neighbourhood Inspector for Scarborough Lucy McNeill, said:  

 “This is a great opportunity for the residents of Scarborough to add additional security to their homes.  

“Your home is the place you should feel safest and when a crime is committed there, this feeling is taken away from you, therefore we want to try and prevent this from happening and this scheme can help do this.”  

 Senior Commander for York Jon Aldred, said:  

“I would strongly encourage those residents of York who are eligible, to sign up for this scheme.  

 “Burglaries and thefts from homes are often opportunistic crimes, and where preventative measures have been put in place, it often stops a criminal targeting your property.” 

 More information about protecting your home and property can be found on the North Yorkshire Police website: https://www.northyorkshire.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/  

 In addition to the installation of video doorbells 8,000 vehicle marking kits will be distributed by the Rural Task Force to farms in areas of high rural crime.