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Police and Crime Plan 2022 – 2025

Front cover - police and crime plan 2022 - 2025
As your elected Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, it is my duty to set a Police and Crime Plan for North Yorkshire Police based on your priorities.

This Plan, for 2022-25, is set in an unusual context, the last election having been delayed by Covid-19 and then having a by-election in North Yorkshire and York in November 2021 at which I was elected. Against this backdrop, I am clear that two things are important. First, to provide some degree of continuity so that the police can continue to drive progress without too much change in overall direction over a short-term period, and secondly, to ensure that the expectations set out in this Plan are deliverable within the two years left of this term.

More than this, I am acutely conscious of how the last year has shaken your confidence and trust in the role of the Commissioner in North Yorkshire and York. My personal pledge is to work tirelessly to restore and renew that trust because I truly believe in the value of being your voice to improve and deliver public Services that work with you and for you.

I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to the development of this Plan – to North Yorkshire Police, partners, the team in my Office and, most of all, you, the public. During my campaign I heard your concerns and appreciation for your Police Service, and these themes were reinforced by what you said through the consultation run by my Office. During that consultation, they engaged with over 3,500 of you, and over 2,000 of you responded to the survey for which I am very grateful. I hope this Plan responds to those concerns and sets realistic expectations for what North Yorkshire Police should achieve, and the change you should see in your Police Service, over the next two years.

One of the key themes during my campaign was public safety – for everyone, but especially for all women and girls in their homes and out in their community.

This was not just in reaction to events in North Yorkshire either; this had already come through as a strong priority in the consultation prior to the by-election. It will be one of my key focuses, and I have already started to develop a new partnership strategy to tackle violence against women and girls, and established a new Victims Centre for victims of violent and sexual assaults.

You were clearly worried about violence and serious and organised crime more widely, especially around drugs and county lines, and were looking to the police to do more to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

This latter point is a central theme in this Plan, and I will work closely with the Chief Constable to drive and promote her plans which I support to do more in this space.

Front cover - Police and crime plan 2022 - 2025