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External audit

Professional auditors providing an essential service

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External audit arrangements are provided by Mazars.  The appointment is made under Section 3 of the Audit Commission Act 1998 and has been approved by the Audit Commission Board.

Annual Governance Report

This report summarises the exernal auditor’s findings from their final accounts audit.  It includes the messages arising from the audit of the financial statements and the result of the work the auditors have undertaken to assess how well the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and North Yorkshire Police manage their resources to deliver value for money and better outcomes for local people. See Financial Audit.

Annual Audit Letter

The external auditors have a responsibility to review and comment upon the financial activities of the Commissioner and Chief Constable; to provide an opinion on whether the financial statements present a fair view of the financial position, and whether they have been prepared in accordance wit the appropriate regulations and proper professional practices.










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