We're now part of the York & North Yorkshire Combined Authority

Decision making process

A partnership approach to effective, streamlined decision-making

In York and North Yorkshire, the Mayor, Chief Constable, Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive work in partnership to develop proposals for the service and make decisions.

The decision-making process is deliberately separate from performance management and scrutiny, which takes place in a separate forum.

The system has three principles at its heart:

  1. Improved, streamlined decision-making
  2. Greater and earlier public, workforce and partner involvement
  3. Operational accountability and transparency

The engine of the system is the monthly ‘Executive Board’ meeting, which the Mayor chairs. A ‘pipeline’ of decisions is considered and individual matters are discussed in depth.

The ‘Executive Board’ is supported by the ‘Executive Group’, who meet weekly to ensure those decisions coming to the Executive Board are progressing appropriately.

This process facilitates the early consideration of proposals between the key decision-makers and good communication.

Importantly, it also ensures that the public, partners and workforce are consulted before key decisions are made.

The structure has also been designed to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and ideas.

Governance structure

Joint Corporate Governance Framework

The purpose of this framework is to give clarity to the way that the two corporations sole, the Mayor and Chief Constable, will be governed both jointly and separately, to do business in the right way, for the right reason at the right time. Efficiency, effectiveness, value for money.