ProtectYourHome – About this project

Applications have now closed
What is happening, where, how do I apply, and when will I get my security upgrade?

Applications have bow closed.

Where is this project running?

This project is running in the Selby areas of Birkin, Camblesforth, Carlton, Fairburn, Hillam, Hirst Courtney and  Monk Fryston.  The area includes around 1,600 households and 50 farms and small holdings, all eligible to receive the security upgrades.

How we’re working to keep you Covid safe

  • When making appointments we will check with the householder whether any people within the property are vulnerable, are isolating or have Covid symptoms.
  • When arriving at the property, our contractor, J Tomlinson will check with the householder whether any people within the property are vulnerable, are isolating, have Covid symptoms and that it is safe to undertake the security upgrades.
  • J Tomlinson employees will work withing a bubble of two people throughout the project, they will:
    • be subject a fortnightly Covid Test
    • wear appropriate protective equipment and masks
    • carry cleaning materials and will wipe down surfaces before and after completing their work
    • dispose of all cleaning materials
    • ensure a good safe working distances of two metres
    • ensure that limited time is spent within a property with the majority of their work being undertaken from outside or with doors and windows open for ventilation
    • work in a team of two to reduce the time at each property

More information about J Tomlinson’s Covid working practices are available on their website.

Commissioner Zoë urges Selby residents to sign up to protect their home before deadline

4 February 2022

Residents in the Selby areas of Birkin, Camblesforth, Carlton, Fairburn, Hillam, Hirst Courtney and Monk Fryston are being urged not to miss out on free upgrades to their home security, as the deadline for the checks and enhancements approaches.

The Protect Your Home scheme, funded by almost £430,000 of Home Office ‘Safer Streets’ money secured by the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner,  must be invested in the communities by the end of March.

Residents are urged to sign up now before applications close on Friday 18 February 2022.

Over 700 homes have signed up to the scheme so far with 410 already having received upgrades to their security, including video door bells, door and shed locks, while 40 farms have also benefited from increased protection.

Commissioner Zoë Metcalfe, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, said:

“Keeping homeowners, their families and the communities they are part of safe and feeling safe is my priority. We have seen recently how these communities, easily accessed by criminals across Yorkshire and beyond, are vulnerable and this project, with its free survey and expert advice, is one I urge residents to apply for.

“The survey is backed by the police, councils and crime prevention partners, provides practical advice and using the latest technology, such as video doorbells, aims to keep burglars away.

“The best way of deterring criminals from the entire community is for as many residents as possible to sign up and make their properties more secure so please sign up before time runs out.“

The project is open to residents in Birkin, Camblesforth, Carlton, Fairburn, Hillam, Hirst Courtney and Monk Fryston.

Residents are urged to sign up now before applications close on Friday 18 February 2022.

They can join the scheme by:

Residents who have already signed up should talk to their neighbours, especially if they are elderly or vulnerable, and encourage them to sign up too.

Residents who live outside of these areas and not eligible to register as part of the Protect Your Home scheme, are still encouraged to consider how they can better protect their home from burglaries.

The North Yorkshire Police website offers a wide range of practical crime prevention advice at:

North Yorkshire’s border communities to receive more protection with a high-tech boost to stopping burglars

Nearly £430,000 is to be invested in high-tech efforts to prevent crime, put off criminals and protect homeowners in more of North Yorkshire’s border communities as part of the Safer Streets Fund.

North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has been awarded £429,986 from the Home Office. It will be used to protect individual homes and farms in parts of Selby close to the border with West, South and East Yorkshire, and also includes a focus on using ANPR cameras to deter and detect potential burglars.

The areas covered will be Carlton, Camblesforth, Hirst Courtney, Birkin and Hillam with around 1,600 households and 50 farms and small holdings eligible to receive the targeted support already offered to other parts of Selby.

Measures to prevent and protect will include free security advice; upgrades to vulnerable doors, windows, garages and sheds, and monitored alarm systems for farms and small holdings to protect those most at risk.

Additionally, there will be measures to protect these areas, and those across the county, through investment in mobile ANPR cameras to enable North Yorkshire Police to identify potential offenders.

Major roads, such as the A19, A1(M) and M62, all provide easy access for criminals crossing county boundaries. It is thought to be one of the key reasons 1 in 4 crimes in parts of Selby are burglaries, compared to 1 in 10 across the rest of North Yorkshire.

Evidence shows the use of cameras which can automatically detect and alert police to suspects travelling into the area can reduce burglaries by as much as 40 per cent. ANPR will be supported by a major proactive, coordinated and intelligence-led rural borderlands operation from North Yorkshire Police.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner said:

“Burglary is a crime that has a huge impact on individuals, families and farms which is why this investment in making even more of our streets even safer is so important. Our innovative approach, which has already protected hundreds of households in parts of Selby, will now be expanded to more communities at increased risk of criminals crossing borders to commit offences.

“As an advocate of increased ANPR to protect North Yorkshire’s borders from a minority of people travelling from West Yorkshire to commit criminal acts, I am delighted that the Home Office is supporting my campaign to protect the more challenging areas.

“The use of these cameras is particularly important given the impact they have spotting potential burglars before they can commit an offence. This will help protect not just the areas directly being supported by this Safer Streets Fund but more parts of North Yorkshire.

“It will be backed up with an increased focus on borderlands policing in rural communities so that we are doing all we can to keep people safe and feeling safe wherever they are in North Yorkshire.”