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Women’s Centre

The Women's Centre is an inclusive service that provides holistic, trauma-informed support for women.

Many women using the Centre have experiences of complex trauma, have experienced violence, have or are at risk of criminal justice involvement and may feel they are unable to access other services.

The Women’s Centre is a place where women can gather to seek support, develop peer networks and enjoy time in a safe, non-judgmental, women-only space. The recently refurbished Centre comprises kitchen and laundry facilities, shower and a peaceful garden in a discreet location in York

There are a number of support options at the Centre including

  • One to One support with trained professionals
  • Group work
  • Outreach – professionals can see women away from the Centre in York and North Yorkshire
  • Drop In sessions on certain days where women don’t need an appointment
  • Sex Worker Only Peer Support
  • Needle Exchange
  • Sexual Exploitation support at the Centre and on an outreach basis
  • Online Harms and Tech Abuse support
  • Sex Worker Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy
  • Support for Non-Residential Mothers

The Women’s Centre also hosts several partners who offer support including

  • Sexual Health Support
  • GP Clinic
  • Domestic Abuse Services
  • York Drug and Alcohol
  • Financial Advice Services

What our service users have said:

“I always feel more confident when I leave here and less anxious”

“… you have the time for me, I feel comfortable asking questions here that I would feel uncomfortable asking somewhere else”

“You never judge us”

“You all listen and try and give us the best advice you can give”

“You go above and beyond and I’m really grateful”

“It’s the only time I feel kindness and respect”

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