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Consultation report

This report sets out the feedback from the public consultation on how police and fire services could work better together.

I would like to thank everyone who has responded to this consultation – your feedback is invaluable. I believe the proposals I have put forward could improve the way some of our ‘blue-light’ services are delivered, but it was always my focus to ensure I fully understand the public appetite for change. Our public services are facing difficult times, and it is incumbent on us to pull together, put politics to one side, pool our sovereignty and put the public first. It is after all the public’s money, and we must use every opportunity at our disposal to protect and improve frontline services.

This report sets out the feedback that you have given me on those proposals, which are to ask the Home Secretary to transfer the governance of the Fire and Rescue Service. This report is not exhaustive, but highlights the most relevant issues. The full, independent report on the consultation can be found as an appendix to this report, as well as all the written contributions and my specific responses to North Yorkshire County Council’s (NYCC) and the City of York Council’s (CYC) consultation submissions.

Altogether I received over 2500 responses to the consultation which is hugely appreciated, and I would like to thank my team and the researchers at MEL Research for all their hard work in putting together and running this consultation.

Download Working Better Together – Consultation report