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Sharing of personal information

In order to adhere to our legal obligations and meet our responsibility for the communities we serve, we often need to work with partners.

To ensure that our partnership is the most effective, we may need to share your personal and sensitive information with other authorities and partners such as:

  • Police and Crime Panel
  • Local authorities
  • Home Office
  • North Yorkshire Police
  • Community groups
  • Charities
  • Other not for profit entities
  • Contractors
  • Employment agencies

There may also be occasions where we need to share your personal information due to a public safety or security reason such as:

  • For the investigation, detection and prevention of a crime
  • Where there is a legal duty  to share the information and the importance of doing so outweighs the importance of confidentiality
  • If there are serious risks to the public, our staff or other professionals
  • To protect children or vulnerable adults
  • There is a public interest that outweighs the duty of confidence

See How we use your information page for more information and read our privacy notices.