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DN 04/2018: Chief Executive Arrangements

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Joanna Carter, who has been the Chief Executive Officer for the PCC since May 2013, has been absent from work due to illness since 29 February 2016. Miss Carter has been unable to return to work and in the meantime she has sought approval to retire on the grounds of ill health. The PCC as […]

DN 03/2018: 2018/19 Budget, Medium Term Financial Plan and Associated Papers

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Following a public consultation, the PCC has proposed an £11.50 increase of the police precept, for a Band D property, to the Police and Crime Panel. This proposal was supported by the Panel and subsequent to this the PCC has set the 2018/19 budget, and the papers attached to this paper provide the detail of […]

DN 02/2018: Body worn video cameras

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The PCC has decided to fund the Chief Constable’s proposals for the purchase and deployment of body worn video cameras at a cost of £1.4 million over three years, dependent on the delivery of savings over 2018-19 to cover £1.04 million not currently held within the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).