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DN 10/2018: Front counter provision

Published on

The PCC has decided on the recommendation of the Chief Constable that front counters at Fulford Road, Harrogate and Scarborough police stations will be open between the hours of 08:00 to 20:00 daily.

DN 09/2018: Evolve joint legal services

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The PCC has decided to develop joint legal services across the Evolve collaboration of North Yorkshire, Durham and Cleveland PCCs and Chief Constables.

DN 08/2018: Chief Constable appointment

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21/08/2018 The PCC has decided to appoint Lisa Winward as Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police. This decision has been confirmed by the Police and Crime Panel for North Yorkshire and York. Background On Wednesday 15 August 2018, the PCC put Lisa Winward forward to the Police and Crime Panel as her preferred candidate for […]

DN 07/2018: Joint Corporate Governance Framework

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15/08/2018 Background It is a requirement of good governance in public service that staff within such organisations are clear about who can make what decisions in what circumstances, and the principles on, and guidance and parameters within, which those decisions should be made. Providing that clarity is the basis of any accountability framework and this […]

DN 06/2018: Appointment of Temporary Chief Constable

Published on

The PCC has decided, owing to the retirement and ill-health absence of Chief Constable Dave Jones, to appoint Deputy Chief Constable Lisa Winward as Temporary Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police.

DN 05/2018: 101 / 999 and Crime Recording Improvements

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The PCC has decided to fund a range of measures to significantly improve the service to the public provided by North Yorkshire Police’s Force Control Room, in order to meet rising demand on the 101 and 999 numbers, and to ensure crime recording functions can be improved.