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2023 – 19 September – Fire IAC


  • Independent Audit Committee
  • Meeting to be held at 11:00 on Tuesday 19th September 2023 Haigh Meeting Room
  • Hybrid meeting


No. Item title and Purpose Lead
1. Attendance and Apologies Chair
For noting: Attendance and apologies, apologies received from:
2. Declaration of Interest Chair
For noting: Any declarations of interest relating to specific agenda items or committee terms which members need to raise.
3. Minutes and actions of previous meeting Chair
For approval: Members are asked to review and agree the draft minutes of the previous meeting held 20th June 2023
4. Matters arising Chair
For noting: Awareness for members of any matters in relation to the previous agenda/minutes which have occurred since the last meeting
5. External Audit Mazars
For information / discussion: Members are asked to consider the Progress report  External Audit
6. IAC Forward Planner MP
For noting: Members are asked for any observations on the planner or requests
7. Tactical Leadership Team Update Report
For discussion: Members are asked to review report and provide feedback, specifically on the services performance regarding:
7.1 Information Governance Private
7.2 Performance Indicators
7.3 Corporate Risk Management
8. Audit Committee Annual Report MP
9. HMICFRS Reports MW /DH
Inspection and Review
10. Health and Safety MW/DH
11. Internal Audit RSM
11.1 Progress paper Private
11.2 Revised final ICT report (2022/23)
11.3 Revised final Head of Internal Audit Opinion (2022/23)
11.4 Sector briefing
12. Dates of future meetings Chair
19th March 2024

The next meeting of the IAC will take place at 10:30 on 30th November 2023 – Hybrid

Meeting papers