We're now part of the York & North Yorkshire Combined Authority

Enable North Yorkshire

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire established enableNY as the vehicle to transform police and fire collaboration in serving the public of North Yorkshire.

enableNY encompasses the provision of financial, people, estates, technology, business design and assurance services to support North Yorkshire Police (NYP), North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Services (NYFRS) and the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

The functioning of enableNY is based on a collaboration agreement and protocols.


enableNY will focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness while always ensuring that the outcomes for the public meet the priorities of NYP and NYFRS. enableNY will:

  • Simplify
  • Standardise
  • Share

enableNY provides functional experts who will identify and capture efficiencies to support NYP and NYFRS in being more effective in serving the public.

enableNY will establish processes and systems that will help to reduce the barriers to collaboration across NYP and NYFRS, and with partner organisations.

enableNY will deliver outcome-focused commissioned services. While the emphasis will be on taking a structured approach to planning, the services provided will be flexible and adaptable to respond to the nature of emergency services. It will work to ensure that the requirements of its clients are understood and that there is a clear offering of the services being provided.

Collaboration will sit at the heart of enableNY – in the processes and systems that it adopts, in how its staff are engaged, in how it works with its clients, third party suppliers and agencies to develop and agree ‘fit for purpose’ solutions and products.

Ways of working

  • enableNY will take time to understand the operational requirements and expected outcomes of our clients.
  • It will be simple to request and receive services from enableNY.
  • There will be a focus on supply chain management and process engineering.
  • enableNY will work to add value and apply fit for purpose solutions.
  • Processes will be made more efficient through automation and self-service will be easy to use and deliver a quality service.
  • enableNY will not seek change for the sake of change: it will seek to adapt to improve efficiency and effectiveness to achieve the required outcomes.