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Salaries that exceed £58,200

In line with the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011 a list of staff members of the Commissioner whose salaries exceed £58,200 is published. Names of such senior employees are publishable unless consent is withheld.

The Chief Constable and the Commissioner will publish consistent senior officer salary information without distinction between warranted and non-warranted personnel. Strictly speaking, the Specified Information Order deals only with employees of the Commissioner. It does not apply to warranted (i.e. police officer) personnel. Chief Police Officer salaries will therefore be published by consent. Pay ranges are shown in respect of other police officers whose remuneration is above £58,200 and both the Chief Constable and the Commissioner continue to consult with the staff association representing that group of officers.

Police officer salary scales are published by the Home Office as part of the Home Secretary’s Determination to the Police Regulations 2003.

Senior salaries above £58,200

Office of the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner

As of May 2023

Role Annual Salary
Chief Executive Officer & Monitoring Officer £94,346
Chief Finance Officer
Also Chief Finance Officer for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland
Police Fire & Crime Commissioner £76,300
Director of Commissioning & Partnerships £67,132
Director of Public Confidence £61,173
Director of Delivery & Assurance £61,173

North Yorkshire Police & Enable NY

As of May 2023

Role Annual Salary
Managing Director of Enable North Yorkshire £167,746
Chief Constable £154,727
DCC £125,550
ACC £121,122
ACC £114,306
Head of Finance & S151 Officer £105,590
VAWG Programme Director £91,812
Deputy Portfolio Director Joint CJ Inspection Team £90,132
Head of ICT £89,608
Secondment – Supt Met Police £88,740
Head of Operational Training £87,293
Detective Superintendent £87,293
Senior Operational Commander £84,783
Chief of Staff & Head of Ops Performance £84,783
Initial Enquiry Team Sergeant £84,129
Staff Officer – Intelligence Portfolio £80,688
Senior Coroners Officer £79,793
Detective Superintendent Major Crime £79,593
Senior Operational Commander £79,593
Detective Superintendent £78,245
Deputy Head of ICT/Service Delivery Manager £76,523
Superintendent Specialist Operations £76,481
Head of Criminal Justice £75,892
Superintendent Operational Business Change £75,735
Supt Customer Contact £75,735
Superintendent Organisational Design Project £75,735
Detective Superintendent Safeguarding £75,735
Head of Professional Standards £75,735
Unison Branch Secretary £73,117
Superintendent Partnerships Hub £72,075
Head of People Services £71,096
Detective Superintendent £70,587
Force Solicitor & Head of Legal Services £69,567
Corporate Communications Lead £65,172
Information Management Lead £65,172
NPCC Strategic Support Lead £65,172
Portfolio Programme Manager £65,172
Health & Wellbeing Manager £65,136
Police Lawyer – Civil Disclosure £64,736
CI-Criminal Justice Diversion & Out of Court Disposals Lead £62,634
Chief Inspector £62,634
Detective Chief Inspector £62,634
Detective Chief Inspector Professional Standards £62,634
DCI Major Crime £62,634
Chief Inspector FTD £62,634
Operational Commander (NPT) £62,634
Chief Inspector Operational Business Change £62,634
JBB Chairman £62,634
Crime Commander £62,634
Strategic Lead – People Partnering £62,478
Talent & Development Manager £62,478
Intelligence Inspector £61,574
Inspector Partnerships Hub £61,574
Investigator £61,574
DI Covert Operations Manager £61,574
Crime Commander £61,404
Chief Inspector Operational Training £61,404
Neighbourhood Policing Inspector £61,404
Chief Inspector FCR £61,366
Digital Forensic Investigator – Mobile Type Devices £61,288
Fast Track Development Manager £61,236
Logistics Manager £61,173
Detective Constable £61,032
Chief Inspector FTD £60,855
CI Operational Performance £60,234
DCI Crime £60,234
Crime Commander £60,234
Chief Inspector £60,234
Operations Commander £60,234
Operational Commander (Response) £60,234
Operational Commander £59,932
Deputy Force Solicitor £59,895
Estates & Sustainability Manager £59,895
Service Finance Manager £59,895
Head of Intelligence Analysis £59,100
Detective Inspector £59,064
Incident Manager £59,064
FSU & Dogs Inspector £59,064
Detective Inspector Intelligence (FIB) £59,064
PDU Inspector £59,064
Detective Inspector CID £59,064
ROCU – Regional Fraud Co-ordinator £59,064
RPG Inspector £59,064
Staff Officer to CC & DCC £59,064
Chief Inspector Partnerships Hub £59,064
DI Safeguarding (Online & NRAIT) £59,064
Neighbourhood Policing Inspector £59,064
Criminal Justice Policy Development Manager £59,064
Chief Inspector Specialist Operations £59,064
DI Missing Persons & Exploitation £59,064
DI DHEP £59,064
DI Covert Operations Manager £59,064
Neighbourhood Delivery Inspector £59,064
Chief Inspector £59,064
Custody Manager £59,064
Inspector Operations & Contingency Planning £59,064
Deputy Secretary (Elect) £59,064
Inspector Out of Court Disposal £59,064
Inspector Domestic Abuse £59,064
DI Digital Services £59,064
Application & Development Manager £58,707
Project Manager £58,437

Salaries – Fire service

Office of the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner

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Gender pay gap reporting

Organisations employing 250 or more people are required to publish certain calculations each year, to show the size of the pay gap between male and female employees. This is known as the gender pay gap.

  • The Police and Crime Commissioner does not employ more that 250 people. See for more details.
  • The Commissioner, as Fire and Rescue Authority – NYPFCCFRA does employ more than 250 people and details of the gender pay gap are published on the Gov.UK website.

Last updated: 24 July 2023