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Annual fire budget

Prudent forward planning is at the heart of our approach

In 2024/25 the gross budget requirement is £45.2m

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has responsibility for the fire budget, which comprises a combination of central government grants and money from the local police precept.

About 30 per cent of funding comes from the Government while the remaining 70 per cent is raised locally, mainly through the ‘fire precept‘– the amount you pay for the fire and rescue service in your council tax.

Funding for the fire service

Fire Funding 2023/24 2024/25
Funding from Government £9.5m £11.7m
Council tax precept – your contribution £25.2m £26.4m
Specific grants £4.8m £5.6m
Fees, Charges and Partnerships £0.7m £1.2m
Use of Reserves £1.2m £0.3m
Total funding £41.4m £45.2m

Fire budget breakdown

Fire Budget 2023/24 2024/25
Firefighter pay £24.0m £26.3m
Control and support staff £5.4m £6.0m
Supplies and Services £3.9m £4.0m
Premises and equipment £2.4m £2.6m
PFI £1.7m £1.9m
Transport £1.0m £1.1m
Capital financial charges £2.1m £2.1m
Other costs £0.9m £1.2m
Total spending plan £41.4m £45.2m

How your money will be spent

Your precept will contribute towards:

  • An increase in the number of prevention focused posts in North Yorkshire Fire
    and Rescue Service.
  • Investment into the on-call firefighter model to improve recruitment, retention
    and increase the availability of on-call fire engines.
  • Continued investment in fire stations to ensure they are fit for purpose.
  • Replacing the oldest fire engines with newer models.
  • Increasing costs of gas, electricity, fuel, insurance, and other services linked to inflation.

Budget Book for North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (Fire and Rescue Authority).

This document details revenue and capital budgets by Function along with reporting deadlines.

Last updated – 05 June 2024

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