Community safety – non-commissioned services

In addition to working in partnership with the Community Safety Partnerships, Julia has also identified funding to support community safety issues, through a mix of commissioned and non-commissioned services.

The Community Safety Services Fund

The Community Safety Services Fund is available to any local community group or organisation in North Yorkshire or City of York; however the proposed project must benefit North Yorkshire communities directly and be supported by the appropriate Community Safety Partnership (Safer York Partnership or North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership).

A panel that includes representatives from each Community Safety Partnership reviews all applications.

The maximum amount available for each application to this fund is £20,000.

Projects/initiatives must support a pro-active, sustainable, outcomes focused approach to diversion and early intervention, addressing (re)-offending , (re)-victimisation and Community Safety priorities, using one of the following service delivery models:

  • Community Based Volunteer Services
  • Targeted Prevention and Early Intervention Services (Diversionary / Positive Activities)
  • Targeted Early Intervention Emotional Health projects

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Application form, guidance notes and grant conditions

Submission deadlines

Quarter Quarter Time Period Submission Deadline Panel Decision meeting
2 July – September 2019 4.00pm 31 July 15 Aug 2019
3 October – December 2019 4.00pm 8 November 21 Nov 2019
4 January – March 2020 4.00pm 13 February 2020 27 Feb 2020

Community Safety District Level Funding

  • Target Hardening and Reactive Services funding for Community Safety Hubs to enhance the actual or perceived security of vulnerable persons, or other targeted reactive activities to address emerging local community safety needs, not addressed through other commissioned services or funding pots.
  • Communications and Social Marketing funding to enable the Community Safety Hubs to complete planned strategic communications or social marketing interventions and respond to emerging local community safety concerns or immediate crime and anti-social behaviour reduction requirements.

Budget for Districts 2018/19 – £38,199.40

Community Safety Strategic Level Funding

  • Planned, targeted, activities and interventions, including communications and social marketing, that align to Strategic Community Safety priorities.

Budget for Strategic Partnerships 2018/19 – £3,794.60