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Apply for the Community Safety Serious Violence Fund

In addition to working in partnership with the Community Safety Partnerships, the Commissioner has also identified funding to support community safety issues, through a mix of commissioned and non-commissioned services.

Community Safety Serious Violence Fund

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, (The Commissioner) is committed to a commissioning approach to Community Safety and Serious Violence funding, with the aim of investing in evidence-based initiatives at a local level, which aim to reduce serious violence and achieve positive outcomes for individuals and communities.

Projects/initiatives must support a pro-active, sustainable, outcomes focused approach to prevention, early intervention and diversion, from Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime, including Serious Violence, that addresses (re)-offending , (re)-victimisation and Community Safety / Serious Violence priorities.

Any community group, organisation, or individual linked to an organisation can apply for this funding, however the proposed project/initiative:

  • must benefit North Yorkshire / York communities directly;
  • explain how the project adds value;
  • evidence how the project links to local / strategic Community Safety priorities and / or the Serious Violence Duty priorities;
  • be fully supported by the appropriate Community Safety Partnership; (Safer York Partnership [SYP] or North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership [NYCSP]), specific to where the project/initiative will be delivered.
  • The maximum amount available for each application to this fund is £30,000.00

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Application form, guidance notes and grant conditions

Submission deadlines

2023 – 2024

Quarter Quarter Time Period Submission Deadline Panel Decision meeting
1 (23-24) April – June 2023 4.00pm    4 May 18 May 2023
2 (23-24) July – September 2023 4.00pm 3 August 17 August 2023
3 (23-24) October – December 2023 4.00pm  9 November 30 November 2023
4 (23-24) January – March 2024 4.00pm  1 February 2024 15 February 2024

2024 – 2025

Quarter Quarter Time Period Submission Deadline Panel Decision meeting
1 (24-25) April – June 2024 4.00pm    2 May 2024 16 May 2024
2 (24-25) July – September 2024 4.00pm 25 July 2024 15 August 2024
3 (24-25) October – December 2024 4.00pm  7  November 2024 21 November 2024
4 (24-25) January – March 2025 4.00pm 6  February 2025 20 February 2025

Community Safety District Level Funding

From April 2024 to March 2025, the Commissioner has committed to providing community safety services funding through Safer York and the North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) to enable responsible authorities to react to emerging local community safety needs and demands for target hardening services, respond to emerging local community safety concerns or immediate crime and ASB reduction requirements and conduct planned targeted communications and social marketing interventions that link to local or strategic priorities.

The total funding available to the CSPs will be split by geographic area relative to the need and demand for community safety services, based on NYP data in relation to:

• Reported incidents of crime (volume);
• Reported incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB volume);
• Reported incidents of public safety and welfare (PSW volume);
• Victims of crime; and
• Aggrieved / people reporting ASB or PSW.

The total funding available to the Authorities on behalf of the CSPs, for the 12 months from 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025 will be £38,199.40.

Community Safety Strategic Level Funding

The total strategic funding available to the CSPs for the 12 months from 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025 will be £3,794.60.