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Community safety services fund 2017/18

Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale MIND Changing Mindsets project 

£9,340 funding awarded 

Awarded for delivery of two emotional health programmes of tailored training in Scarborough to individuals who are at risk of offending/reoffending and individuals at risk of becoming a victim/repeat victimisation. 

The project will deliver two programmes, one focused directly on mental health awareness, management of triggers/symptoms and developing coping strategies. The second will focus on behavioural and attitude changes, developing self-management skills and practical strategies for building/maintaining support networks, engaging with community resources and develop participation in meaningful activities.

Major Incident Response Team (MIRT) 

£8,510 funding awarded

Awarded for the delivery of training/accrediting two x MIRT Members to run regular in-house, successful Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses for all existing and future volunteers within the team.

MIRT provide confidential 24/7 emergency and managed, emotional support to individuals or communities, caught up in traumatic incidents in North Yorkshire or the City of York.  This training will enable all MIRT volunteers to be proficient in MHFA enabling professional and effective intervention, post major incidents where emotional trauma support is needed.

Harrogate Homeless Project SAFE (Service for Adults Facing Exclusion) 

£10,000 Community Safety Services funding awarded
£10,000 Community Safety Services mental health funding awarded 

SAFE provides innovative ways of working to the most marginalised, hardest to reach, vulnerable individuals experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage in the Harrogate and Rural surrounding District. SAFE will offer an intensive, open ended service to vulnerable individuals experiencing severe, multiple complex needs including enduring mental health, crisis, personal trauma, criminal justice involvement (victims and perpetrators), street culture activities, substance use, entrenched homelessness and multiple exclusions from services. 

Referrals will come from the Community Safety Hub and FOCUS group and following assessment,  individuals will be supported using methods including, Personalised Approaches, Trauma Informed Care, Link Workers, Housing First, Strengths Based Approaches and a Psychologically Informed Environment.  SAFE will establish an Experts by Experience Group to develop co-production and assist in the engagement of those most hard to reach.

Harrogate Homeless Project addresses homelessness across the Harrogate and Rural surrounding District.

Harrogate Homeless Project Streetlight Psychotherapy Service

£2,000 Community Safety Services mental health funding awarded 

Awarded the funding to support the provision of talking therapies to vulnerable homeless people in the District with very complex needs, who are unable to access support from existing counselling / talking therapy services. 

Referrals will come from FOCUS and the Community Safety Hub and the psychotherapy service will support people on their journey to independence.

Harrogate Homeless Project addresses homelessness across the Harrogate and Rural surrounding District.

York Youth Offending Team (YOT) and Remedi Restorative Thinking and Being Restorative with Families programmes

£5,100 Community Safety Services funding awarded

Awarded the funding to support a greater victim-led, restorative approach within York YOT and wider support services, via the provision of Remedi’s Restorative Thinking  and Being Restorative with Families Programmes.

The approach focuses on the young person developing a restorative mindset and aims to increase the number of young people and victims motivated to engage in Restorative Justice processes.

The families element will compliment the initial training and ensure that families understand and have involvement in restorative elements of Community Orders. The approach will focus on group and one-to-one work that can be done with families to engage them all.  This will be particularly helpful in cases whereby a family member is the victim of the offence, for example cases of adolescent to parent abuse.

York YOT will be able to train volunteers in this specific method and also cascade training throughout wider support services.

Scarborough Community Angels, Street Angels and Safe Haven projects 

£18,541 Community Safety Services funding awarded 

Community Angels are volunteers based within the local community to support vulnerable people and prevent them from becoming victims.  Community Angels enable vulnerable people to feel safer, stronger, better connected; helping build community networks and social relationships through a visible presence in the local community.  The project promotes wellbeing, community cohesion, responsibility and reconciliation, with the aim of preventing potential problems and people becoming victims.

Referrals will be coordinated via the Community Safety Hub in Scarborough to ensure a joined-up approach with partners. 

The Street Angels community project enables people in the night time economy to be safe and feel safe.  The Street Angels support vulnerable people to be safe on the streets of Scarborough on Friday and Saturday nights, by being a valued and welcome presence to prevent situations from escalating.  Street Angels aim to see a reduction in violent crime, anti-social behaviour and in the fear of crime.  Street Angels operate from 22:00 – 02:30 (and later if needed) on Saturday nights.

The Safe Haven building supports the Street Angels by providing an open, central, safe venue to help vulnerable people feel safe during the night time economy.  Facilities enable the provision of emergency first aid, as well as providing quiet, safe, calming areas for people, including space for emergency services to support those in need.

Scarborough Survivors Alternative Place of Safety

£15,000 Community Safety Mental Health funding awarded

£14,960 Community Safety Services funding awarded 

Awarded the funding for the pilot set up and delivery of an Alternative Place of Safety and Crisis Café, to offer a safe sanctuary environment for people in times of crisis/distress within a homely environment.  The service will provide a holistic, non-judgemental, empathic and respect intervention for those people at the time of need.  Scarborough Survivors will provide a safe place where visitors/clients can utilise their own experiences to assist themselves and others through the sharing of problems, alternatives and solutions.

The project aims to reduce the amount of demand/repeat attendance on emergency services, including the Crisis Team and improve the response to people in mental health distress in a safe homely environment. 

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue LIFE (Local Intervention Fire Education) project

£21,000 awarded

Awarded the funding for delivery of 7 targeted courses across North Yorkshire and York during 2018

The Local Intervention Fire Education (LIFE) project, delivered by NYFRS is a five-day course, targeted at young people aged 12 to 19 at risk of offending or anti-social behaviour.

The LIFE project is delivered on a county-wide basis by trained Fire Officers, and referrals will be targeted via Community Safety Local Delivery Teams and Youth Justice services.  Through a range of structured, focussed, team building activities, young people are learn about the consequences of anti-social behaviour and how work co-operatively with others, with the aim of preventing further risk-taking behaviour and increasing resilience.