Jo Coles - York and North Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing, Fire and Crime

Jo Coles - North Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing, Fire and Crime

Community safety services fund 2021/22

Road Peace for the ‘North Yorkshire Road Peace Support Group’ project

North Yorkshire Road Peace Support Group – Countywide – £19,400.00

Funding will be used to pilot a peer-to-peer victim support for road crash victims in North Yorkshire, including seriously injured victims and bereaved families and specialist road crash victim-focused Resilience Building Programme to support bereaved families to cope and recover following road crash death.

Programmes will link with existing services, specifically Supporting Victims Service and Brake to support an holistic approach to road crash victims:

  • Model will build on Road Peace’s befriending approach;
  • Project will be a step-down from the Brake Independent Road Victim Adviser (IRVA) support or an option for those who do not wish for the more intensive face to face support delivered by the IRVA;
  • 70 victims will be targeted through partner links and agreed pathways, in partnership with Supporting Victims and Brake.

The Hood Project

Ad Astra Plus CIC –  York – £6,600.00 awarded

Funding will support work with mentors and services in Yorkshire, to help 20 targeted students lower their anti-social behaviour and gain the confidence and skills to work towards their aspirations. The hope is to create a professional guide and support network for disadvantaged post 16 students in York.

Ad Astra will ensure a targeted approach to referrals for both male and female young people with partner agencies (in addition to supporting own pupils) including Youth Justice, North Yorkshire Police, OPFCC Commissioned Services and Community Safety. Ad Astra will ensure appropriate exit strategies are in place for all 20 young people who engage in the project, that ensures their ongoing participation in training, work placement or employment.

Clean Slate Solutions

Clean Slate Solutions – Countywide – £10,650.00 awarded

Funding will support expansion of pilot employment project for those released from prison. Clean Slate Solutions will ensure a targeted approach to referrals with partner agencies, including Youth Justice Services (YJS), Probation, North Yorkshire Police, OPFCC commissioned services and Community Safety;

  • 50 participants will be targeted to engage in the project;
  • Focus will be on young adults aged 18 – 24 and include links with YJS for transition;
  • All participants will have appropriate exit strategies in place before completing the project:
  • Minimum 45 will engage in diversion/early intervention activity based on need
  • Minimum 30 will engage in employment
  • Minimum 10 will engage in further education/training
  • Mentoring will continue for a minimum of six months after the project.

Clean Slate Solutions Youth Project- Case Study

About the Project:

The Clean Slate project aims to support 50 young adults involved in offending behaviour, with supportive interventions. The target is for 30 individuals to progress into employment and 10 into further education.

At the end of March 2023, the project has worked with 36 young adults, with 22 currently being in employment and 4 going into further education. There has been a total of 39 referrals with 4 having to re-register.

Key Impacts from the project:

  • Setting and adhering to a strict criterion of ‘being clean’ allowed young adults to participate in opportunities with employers that have a genuine interest in helping them succeed.
  • Strengthened the relationship between Deerbolt and HMP YOI Wetherby, for young people being released into North Yorkshire.
  • Created and re-engaged with voluntary organisations in North Yorkshire.
  • Improved relationship with Youth Justice Teams.
  • Wide variety of apprenticeship options and a diverse range of employment opportunities in many sectors.
  • The mentor programme has been improved and integrated into the youth sector guaranteeing that the project helps beyond the funding.

Main challenges:

  • Time taken to establish meaningful relationships with employers and referrers.
  • Many network events attended to find employers willing to work with this age group.

Good News/Positive Feedback/Personal Stories:

  • A 22-year-old man approached the Clean Slate project team about a career in the railway industry. Due to a prior conviction, he could not access the course and to enrol would cost £3,000. The Clean Slate project was able to provide him with a new provider and give him the support, including travel. He is now on the course and is extremely happy with a great commitment and attitude.