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Community safety services fund 2022/23

For 2022-23, £153,816.50 was awarded


Upper Wharfedale Rural Watch Group – £1,560 awarded – Craven

The aim of the group is to support the police in protecting residents from all aspects of crime by providing information to the police.

To ensure the group remains professional and within the guidelines set out by GDPR and CCTV laws, this funding will enable 3 vetted member volunteers to undertake an approved CCTV operators course and certification.

These volunteers will then monitor CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras situated within the watch area, in line with all relevant guidance and legislation.

This initiative supports the North Yorkshire Police organisational priority of preventing crime and intervening as early as possible to stop it escalating. In particular, the project will assist with wildlife (poaching) and rural crime (agricultural thefts) which is prevalent in this area. This will also help to identify cross border crime.

Youth Interventions (LIFE Course / Day in a life course)

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (NYFRS) – £20,000 awarded – Countywide

Funding will support NYFRS to offer five-day LIFE (Local Intervention Fire Education) or one-day Day in the LIFE youth intervention schemes, to targeted young people across North Yorkshire and York. Course content is in-line with National Fire Chiefs Council guidance and aims to improve outcomes for the young people who attend.

Together with core content, there is a flexible element to allow for subject matter to be tailored towards the needs of the participants.

130 young people will be identified to engage through targeted partnership work with Police, youth services, schools and Community Safety Hubs. Locations will be identified by need through work with local Hubs, police school liaison officers and youth / community services.

The locations of the courses will be flexible to meet geographical targeted need or to allow engagement with young people in remote areas where opportunities are limited.

The project will work closely with the Youth Commission, Prince’s Trust and other partners to support onward engagement of young people participating in the courses.

IRVA Service – Brake – £18,358.50 awarded – Countywide

The project is to continue the successful provision of an Independent Road Victim Advocate (IRVA) in North Yorkshire, working closely with North Yorkshire Police, specifically the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, to provide a referral pathway for support to road victims bereaved or catastrophically injured.

Support provided by the IRVA will be part of the wider National Road Victim Service which offers trauma informed care to road victims. The IRVA role in North Yorkshire will continue to work under the supervision of the central service but provide enhanced support conducting face to face where practicable.

Project will support 30 new cases in the next 12months. This takes into account that more than one person can be provided with support in any one case.

National Road Victim Service – Brake – £9,552.00 awarded – Countywide

Contribution to central costs of National Road Victim Service; providing support to road victims (maximum amount over 12 months)

In order to continue the successful delivery of the IRVA role, and due to a recent funding gap presented by the Department of Transport as of 1st July 2022, central running costs of the National Road Victim Service are being provided to support the IRVA role delivered in North Yorkshire. This will be reviewed on a Quarterly basis to take into account the national position.

Health Scoping Project – IDAS – £7,736.00 awarded – Countywide

Funding will enable a scoping exercise across North Yorkshire to understand how to best work with health professionals to increase engagement from their patients with domestic abuse support.

IDAS will talk with health professionals in different settings to understand what they feel would work best for them in terms of working in partnership, understanding domestic abuse, and supporting patients/referring them for specialist support.

Project will also talk with victims and survivors about what they feel they would like from their health professionals, what settings they would feel most comfortable in were they to disclose and what their experiences have been with health professionals and if there were any opportunities/barriers to disclosure.

Work will result in a report, which will include local needs assessment information, a literature review, looking at national and international models of work with health in the context of domestic, abuse and recommendations for a model that could be introduced into North Yorkshire.

Alcohol & Cannabis 16+ Project – Alcohol Education Trust (AET) –  £15,850.00 awarded –  Countywide

Funding will enable development and delivery of alcohol & cannabis resources (including specific resources around drink spiking awareness) for young people aged 16 – 25, staff training for all organisations working directly with young people across North Yorkshire and direct student input in partnership with North Yorkshire Police.

AET will work closely with the Community Safety Hubs and North Yorkshire Police, to target where the need is identified.

The resources include all materials to facilitate workshops, power point presentations, resources to enable one to one discussions around problematic use, a young people facing information hub www.life-stuff.org , interactive games, quizzes, fact cards and discussion enablers.

Community Conferencing – Restorative Solutions – £19,000.00 awarded – Countywide

12-months funding will enable a Coordinator to deliver Community Conferences. Community Conferences describe a restorative intervention to tackle an incident/series of incidents or on-going anti-social/criminal situation that has affected a wider group of people/community, in a preventative way to stop escalation.

The process can be used to tackle a criminal act, a problem with anti-social behaviour or complex neighbour disputes.

Community conferences can be utilised alongside the criminal justice system where a reprimand, final warning or caution may be issued as part of the process.

Referrals will be identified via North Yorkshire Police Problem Solving Team and the Neighbourhood Policing teams amongst others, in Scarborough and York initially.

The process is three pronged; an initial meeting for local residents to raise their fears, experiences, needs and concerns whilst managing their expectations of potential outcomes; a secondary meeting with partners and local services to identify potential solutions, engagement strategies and a third meeting to feedback to residents and offenders to agree actions, ownership and a forward plan.

Mobiile Provision – St Giles Trust – £17,190.00 awarded – Countywide

PFCC funding will support the staffing associated with the mobile van outreach provision.

The van will be used to provide a safe, gender specific, multi-agency service to women who are: victims/at risk of harm and hidden harms (including sexual exploitation); with multiple unmet needs; with substance misuse issues; at risk of entering, or currently involved with, the Criminal Justice System.

The mobile provision will work across York and North Yorkshire and initially target women who face barriers to accessing services such as those in rural, isolated areas, starting in Scarborough and Ryedale.

Practical, emotional and well-being support will be provided by outreach staff alongside sign-posting into local services.

Women can self-refer or be referred through partner agencies. Links have been formed with key partners to help target areas of need.

Craven District Expansion – New Beginnings – £14,230.00 awarded – Craven

New Beginnings is an after-crisis service for women and children who have fled domestic abuse.

Aiming to support cope and recovery and reduce repeat victimisation through non time-limited 1:1 support, groupwork, goal-setting, emotional resilience work, family activities, signposting to education, training and employment.

Funding will expand the offer of support into Craven, adopting the same model used in Harrogate District, following locally identified need and a need to target those more isolated.

Project aims to directly support 35 females with a further 150 young people through awareness raising activity.

Project will work in partnership with IDAS, Community Safety Hub, SELFA and other local partners to ensure a joined up approach.

Trapped in County Lines Resource – Poems and Pictures Ltd – £20,000.00 awarded – Countywide

Following successful partnership and delivery with NYP School Liaison Team and Neighbourhood Policing story resource, No More Knives or County Lines, funding will support sequel story ‘Trapped in County Lines’.

The story will take a similar comic strip style format that will be transformed into an animation. The content of the story will be fictitious but based on true events.

Targeted prevention and early intervention will help to engage vulnerable individuals who could be at risk, to educate and raise awareness.

Resource will be informed by a range of partners, including NYP, NYP Cadets, The Youth Commission, Changing Lives and PACE.

The project will ensure links with North Yorkshire Police (NYP), including Partnership Hub and local police teams, Community Safety Hubs, North Yorkshire Youth Commission and other partners/meetings e.g. MACE, Op Expedite to ensure a targeted, prioritised approach to project planning, implementation and delivery.

Project will target 7 North Yorkshire Secondary Schools, 7000 children and young people within the age range of 11-14 as the most vulnerable in society of being exploited, diverting and engaging with individuals at risk that are not already addressed through commissioned services.