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Stop Hate Crime – Help for victims

 Supporting Victims - Support for anyone affected by crime

Supporting Victims provides support for anyone affected by crime. That includes people who have been a victim of crime themselves, people who have suffered a bereavement as a result of crime, people who are the family spokes person for a victim, the parents or guardians of victims under 18, and members of staff where their business has been subject to crime.

If you have suffered as the result of a crime and you are finding it hard to cope, Supporting Victims can help you – even if you have decided not to report that crime to the police.

Supporting Victims – How does it work?

The first step is to get in touch with the Supporting Victims team.

You can do this by

Experienced Supporting Victims Co-Ordinators will listen to you, and will ask you a few questions to help them understand what has happened, and how you have been affected by crime. They will then tell you what they can do to help, or explain what support services you can access from other organisations, and build this into a peronsalised plan.

Supporting Victims – What help can they offer?

The help provided is tailored to you, and your circumstances.

If it’s an emergency, call the Police on 999