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Stop Hate Crime – Purpose and rationale


This report contains offensive language. These are examples of hate crime that were expressed over the course of this research. This language has not been censored as it is important to understand the nature of this type of crime as it occurs.

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To contribute to the delivery of her Police and Crime Plan, this research has been requested by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for North Yorkshire to help improve the service and response to victims of hate crime. It is recognised that much good work has been done and is planned, but nevertheless, this area of service is far from as effective or efficient as it could be.

The findings will be used to help shape North Yorkshire Police’s Hate Crime Strategy/Action Plan and work as an evidence-based piece of research to support the Hate Crime Problem Profile.

The central strategic focus for North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and the Police and Crime Plan is to ensure that people feel safe, and to keep people safe from harm. This is reflected in the 4 strategic priorities for the force:

  1. Protect vulnerable people
  2. Cut crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
  3. Focus on prevention and early intervention
  4. Improve victim care[1]

Recent research in North Yorkshire showed that hate crime was an emerging issue in some communities and some felt that this type of crime was difficult to report and record.[2] Both York and Scarborough identified hate crime as a local policing priority.[3]

It is essential that all of these priorities are responded to by improving hate crime services. Hate crime, by its very nature, affects those people who are in some way, vulnerable, due to a perceived or real difference.

We know that hate crime is underreported. But the underreporting of crime conflicts with our priority to ‘be safe, feel safe.’ We must understand why some people become victims of hate crime and develop our response and service to ensure they are safe. Going further we need to encourage people to step forward trusting in the police to be able to act on their behalf or to investigate further where warranted. There are also significant improvements that can be made to ensure people know when, how and why to report.

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