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Complaints – Consultation

Publication of responses to representations - proposed police complaints system


Representative body SPOC Date of consultation notification Formal representations from consultee Response from OPFCC to consultee’s formal representations
North Yorkshire Police CC Lisa Winward – Chief Constable 17.01.2020 – via email Letter received on 17.01.2020 as attached, highlighting agreement to the notice subject to the following caveats:

  • That SLA and SOP be in place for commencement of service.
  • That a review be carried out at 6-month point.
Letter sent to Chief Constable confirming the PFCC’s agreement to CC Winward’s minor requests
Superintendents Association Supt Paula Booth – NYP Chair 17.01.2020 – via email Email response received on 24.01.2020 to confirm no issues to raise N/A
NYP Police Federation CI Rob Bowles – JBB Chairman 17.01.2020 – via email No response received N/A
NYP Unison John Mackfall – Branch Secretary 17.01.2020 – via email Email response received on 20.012020 to confirm no issues to raise N/A

Responses to representations