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Online Public Meeting – 21 September 2023 – NYFRS – Protection

Protection - Business Fire Safety

The focus of this month’s meeting

2:30-4:00pm – North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

  • Protection – Business Fire Safety
    How effective is the Service at protecting workplaces and public buildings by preventing fires from happening and reducing the impact should they occur.

This meeting will focus on:

  • A look at the latest performance data in areas of public interest and a report on complaints made against North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.
  • An in-depth discussion on a key theme of public concern identified in line with the fire and rescue priorities.
  • An opportunity for Commissioner Zoë to raise issues that matter to the public for discission with Chief Officers.
  • An update on the progress made against the latest independent inspection by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services to provide Commissioner Zoë and the public with evidence of improvements.
  • A dedicated question and answer time for Commissioner Zoë to ask the Chief and senior leadership team the questions submitted by members of the public.


  • Zoë Metcalfe – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Jonathan Dyson – Chief Fire Officer, NYFRS
  • Mat Walker – Deputy Chief Fire Officer, NYFRS
  • Simon Dennis – Chief Executive Officer, Office of the PFCC
  • Jenni Newberry – Assistant Commissioner, Office of the PFCC
  • Amanda Wilkinson– Director for Public Trust and Confidence, Office of the PFCC
  • Tamara Pattinson – Director for Delivery and Assurance, Office of the PFCC
  • Damian Henderson- Area Manager and Director of Service Improvement & Assurance, NYFRS
  • Pete Gregory – Head of Protection and Risk


  • Performance update
    Damian Henderson, Director of Service Improvement and Assurance
  • Thematic on Prevention
    Pete Gregory, Head of Protection and Risk
  • Inspection Update
    Damian Henderson, Director of Service Improvement and Assurance


Time Item
14:30 Introductions
Minutes of previous meetings
14:35 Performance update
14:50 Main presentation
15:10 Spotlight questions
15:30 Inspection update
15:45 Public questions
16:00 Meeting ends

Meeting papers

Public questions

  • Mr B – Harrogate
    With your role set to be abolished next year and the Conservatives choosing a different candidate for next year’s mayoral election, what assurances can you give to the public that you will remain committed to improving the police and fire services in North Yorkshire until the mayoral role is created?
  • Mr C – Update following HMICFRS report
    In January 2023, the HMICFRS released a report titled “State of Fire & Rescue: The Annual Assessment of Fire and Rescue in 2022”
    There were 5 key areas where NYFRS were found to be Inadequate or Requires Improvement.
    For reference page 30 of the report.
    There was also a follow-up visit by HMICFRS in April, that acknowledged plans being put in place, but any results.
    Please could I have an overview update of work on each of those areas to rectify the matter.

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  • YouTube: https://youtu.be/N2X8Gx4Gs1o
  • Commissioner’s website: https://bit.ly/OPM21Sept2023