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Online Public Meeting – 18 October – NYP – Caring about the vulnerable

Caring about the vulnerable (making women and girls safer/mental health)

The focus of this month’s meeting

2:30-4:00pm – North Yorkshire Police 

  • Caring about the vulnerable (making women and girls safer/mental health)

Each meeting will focus on:

  • A look at latest performance data in areas of public interest and a report on complaints made against North Yorkshire Police.
  • An in-depth discussion on a key theme of public concern identified in line with police and crime priorities.
  • An opportunity for Commissioner Zoë to raise issues that matter to the public for discission with Chief Officers.
  • An update on the progress made against the latest independent inspection by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services to provide Commissioner Zoë and the public with evidence of improvements.
  • A dedicated question and answer time for Commissioner Zoë to ask the Chief Constable and her senior leadership team the questions submitted by members of the public.


  • Zoë Metcalfe – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Tamara Pattinson – Director of Delivery and Assurance
  • Polly Etheridge – Delivery and Assurance Manager
  • Lisa Winward – Chief Constable
  • Scott Bisset – NYP Assistant Chief Constable
  • D/Supt Graeme Wright

Thematic presentation:

  • D/Supt Graeme Wright

Performance update:


Time Item
14:30 Introductions
14:35 Performance update
15:00 Main presentation
15:25 Spotlight questions
15:50 Inspection update
16:00 Public questions
16:30 Meeting ends

Meeting papers

Public questions

  • Steven – Richmond – Road safety
    Why is speeding traffic allowed to use Quarry Road to access Galloway fields trading estate when there are numerous signs forbidding access, to my knowledge not one single motorist has been warned or stopped in the 30 years of living in the area.
    I’ve complained to the police before and they keep saying it’s down to Highways

  • Gary – York – pedestrian safety
    Why is nothing done about cyclists riding on the footpath which is for pedestrians.

  • Simon – Malton – pedestrian safety
    Is it legal for police vans to park on and block the pavement?

  • John – Harrogate – Road safety
    I am both a car driver and cyclist but am becoming increasingly concerned about cycling on main roads.
    The Police may issue advice to motorists, but common mistakes whilst I am cycling are vehicles overtaking which do not go onto the other side of the road even though they can, but straddle the road unnecessarily and then cut me up. Also despite the presence of mid-road architecture, cars last minute squeezing past me in to my detriment.
    This behaviour happens regularly and I would therefore request that the Police issue a warning publicly that this behaviour will not be tolerated and is extremely dangerous.

  • Marjorie – Ripon – Road users
    Could some have a word with all the driving instructors in Ripon regarding being sat in a stationary car with the engine running.
    I asked an instructor who had been outside my property for over 5 minutes ( I was in my front garden @ the time) to turn the engine off. He was so rude! He told me to stay inside when his car was there & other things were said also. I did tell him to P Off I’m afraid, which I never ever use those words!
    I have looked up on the internet doesn’t this contravene the road traffic act 42 from 1988, having a stationary vehicle with the engine running?
    We have a lot of learner drivers down our road as the instructors seem to favour it.
    Two of my neighbours are asthmatic & one has to have oxygen periodically, what has happened to treat people as you would want to be treated yourself?
    Sorry for the rant. Hope that someone can have a word & I would have thought that the instructors should be up to date with the law.

  • Graham – Road safety – York
    Why are there no police on the streets day and night it’s so embarrassing letting thugs literally do what they want
    They ride around with impunity and you do nothing
    If I confront one and floor him what’s outcome a joke you have be come.

  • Adam – Harrogate – Policing – (7 August 2023)
    Harrogate town centre is becoming a troubling area night and day,
    You will know the crime scores!
    Can I ask you to ask the police to patrol the town centre with 4 uniformed police on a rolling shift?
    So then a police presence will maintain the safe standards were all know! We’re area the police is what we say,
    If we let standard drop ( as we are) then more crime will come!
    What needs to be done you know! But can you do it?

  • Paul – Ripon – Policing (7 August 2023)
    What is being done about the massive increase in vandalism in the city?

  • Timothy – Scarborough – Street drinking
    What is the police doing to address street drinking and anti social behaviour in Scarborough Town centre. ? I was in the town centre this week and it seems to be gettong worse and worse. Little or no police on patrol and street drinkers taking over areas near the town hall and around the High Street.

  • Steven – York – Police training – legally prescribed medical cannabis
    In November 2018 the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid made Cannabis legal to prescribe by UK registered Consultants. Since then there have been 5 non-licensed legal cannabis prescriptions on the NHS, and 20,000 to 30,000 private prescriptions from around 30 private clinics spread over the country, and it is growing fast. There are facilities being built right now to start producing Medical Cannabis in the UK, as it is currently imported from Europe or Canada. Medical Cannabis is prescribed when nothing else has worked so it is a final resort for many very vulnerable patients. As a moderator for the largest online UK Medical Cannabis Forum, I am seeing more and more stories of patients having issues with the Police and that is caused by their lack of knowledge of the change in the law in 2018.
    What has North Yorkshire Police done to train its officers in being able to tell the difference between legally prescribed medical cannabis, and black market cannabis? So protecting their officers from complaint and vulnerable patients from potential armful interactions with the force.

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