Remit of the Public accountability meeting

Public accountability meeting - a broad remit and robust 360° scrutiny

-20Through the work of the Public accountability meeting, the Commissioner ensures that:

  • The Chief Constable is held to account in their delivery of the Police, and Crime Plan through monitoring key performance indicators.
  • The Chief Fire Officer is held to account in their delivery of the Fire and Rescue Plan through monitoring key performance indicators.
  • Specific areas of service are evaluated and reported on.
  • Resources and budgets are focused on the implementation of the plan and are delivering value for money for the taxpayer.
  • Agreed outcomes stated in the plan are monitored through a performance management framework.
  • Third party performance tables and reports, for example those produced by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of the Constabulary (HMIC), are closely scrutinised and necessary actions identified and delivered.
  • Police complaints are monitored and lessons learnt.
  • Fire and Rescue complaints are monitored and lessons learnt.
  • Qualitative feedback from key partners, stakeholders and service users is sought and acted upon.
  • Formal and informal feedback is given from the workforce including the staff associations such as the Police Federation, Fire Brigades Union and UNISON.
  • Partnership structures and delivery are effective, especially within the context of the wider criminal justice landscape.
  • Internal and external communications are delivering effectively against the agreed strategy.