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Commissioner Zoë can ask questions on your behalf in her Online Public Meeting with the Chief Constable or Chief Fire Officer. Ask your question and find out more.

Remit of the Online Public Meeting

Online public meeting - a broad remit and robust 360° scrutiny

Online Public Meeting Terms of Reference 2023


  • Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (Chair)
  • OPFCC Comms representative
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC) Directorate Leads
  • Chief Constable
  • Deputy Chief Constable
  • Chief Fire Officer
  •  Deputy Chief Fire Officer
  •  Thematic / Spotlight Leads
  •  Other attendees as required


  • Two separate transparent public focussed scrutiny meetings, one for North Yorkshire Police and one for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.
  • To help the communities of North Yorkshire and York be safe and feel safe, the Commissioner holds the Chief Constable to account for delivery of the Police, and Crime Plan and the Chief Fire Officer for their delivery of the Fire and Rescue Plan.


The standing agenda items for this meeting are:

  • Attendance and apologies
  • Performance section. This is where data is presented by the services and scrutinised (examined thoroughly) by the Commissioner. This includes some data which is the same every month and, if required, additional data which the OPFCC request based on information received. For example, topical issues at the time which are of interest to the public. This section also reports on police and fire and rescue complaints and what lessons are being learned from these.
  • Thematic topic section. This is where specific areas of service are identified in line with the Police and Crime Plan and Fire and Rescue Plan. The Chief Officers will report on these to ensure that the services are delivering against the priorities set by the Commissioner.
  • Spotlight section. This section will be an opportunity for the Commissioner to raise issues, that matter to the public, which are brought to the attention of the OPFCC in between Online Public Meetings so these can be discussed with Chief Officer’s in public.
  • Third party reports section. This section gives the services the opportunity to demonstrate progress against external reports. For example, those produced by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS), so that they can be closely monitored and that the Commissioner can assure the public that positive progress is being made.
  • Public questions, submitted in advance and during the meeting are answered.


  • There will be ten meetings per year (5 for each Service). The meetings will be held every two months with a break in August and December. The meetings will be live streamed and recorded for public viewing online.
  • Presentations, reports and papers which will be presented at meetings will be submitted to the OPFCC two weeks prior to the meeting and published on our website a week before the public meeting so the public have time to read the reports and submit questions.
  • The OPFCC will seek public opinion on the effectiveness of the Public Accountability Meetings every year to enable greater participation in, and understanding of these meetings.