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Online Public Meeting – 25 March – NYP – Neighbourhood Policing

The focus of this month’s meeting

2:00-3:30pm – North Yorkshire Police

  • Neighbourhood Policing

This meeting will focus on:

  • A look at the latest performance data in areas of public interest and a report on complaints made against North Yorkshire Police.
  • An in-depth discussion on a key theme of public concern identified in line with the police priorities.
  • An opportunity for Commissioner Zoë to raise issues that matter to the public for discussion with Chief Officers.
  • An update on the progress made against the latest independent inspection by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services to provide Commissioner Zoë and the public with evidence of improvements. North Yorkshire Police “Improves its performance” says His Majesty’s Inspector – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire (
  • A dedicated question and answer time for Commissioner Zoë to ask the Chief and senior leadership team the questions submitted by members of the public.


  • Zoë Metcalfe – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Jenni Newberry – Assistant Commissioner, Office of the PFCC
  • Amanda Wilkinson– Director for Public Trust and Confidence, Office of the PFCC
  • Tamara Pattinson – Director for Delivery and Assurance, Office of the PFCC
  • Elliot Foskett – Acting Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Scott Bisset –  Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Catherine Clarke – Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Victoria Taylor – Superintendent Partnerships Hub, North Yorkshire Police


  • Performance Update
    Elliot Foskett – Acting Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police & Catherine Clarke – Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Thematic presentation
    Victoria Taylor – Superintendent Partnerships Hub, North Yorkshire Police
  • Inspection Update


Time Item
14:30 Introductions
Minutes of previous meetings
14:35 Performance update
14:50 Main presentation
15:10 Spotlight questions
15:30 HMICFRS Inspection update
15:45 Public questions
16:00 Meeting ends

Meeting papers

Public questions

Q1  Bridget– Catterick– Proposed Motorway Service Area

We live close to the proposed service area MSA 19/00473/Full. We, as an elderly couple, have grave concerns regarding this oversized area to encourage crime, vandalism and the potential for the infrastructure of our quiet, calm, village being changed for the worse.

What is being put in place potentially, by all services, particularly the police to protect the many people who wish to continue living in contentment and not fear in Catterick Village, should this development proceed?

Q2  Helen– Catterick– Proposed Motorway Service Area

My concern is that it is too close to a village where the local children are already looking forward to having a new place to” hang out “. In the letter from Designing Out Crime it was stated that the developers would be looking to obtain Secure By Design accreditation. This was in 2019 and yet no further discussion has been on obtaining this accreditation. This leaves the residents of the village more prone to potential crime. 

Can I ask if the North Yorkshire Police continue to have no objections to this development ? 

Q3 Howard– Northallerton – Firearms License 

I sent my firearms renewal in several weeks before Christmas as it expired 14th January, along with online payment. I did not get a visit from an FEO until 7th February. I still have not received my Firearms licence. 2 weeks after the visit and 5 weeks after expiry without any update or explanation. 

Does the Chief Constable consider this acceptable performance for a service that is paid for by the customer & what reassurance can be given that the service will improve.  

Q4  James– Skelton – Neighbourhood Policing

Skelton is currently being subjected to a group of children running round the village in the early evening about 1900 hours knocking on doors and ringing doorbells. 

Do the police ever have a presence in the village and does a neighbourhood watch officer exist? 

Q5,6&7  Wendy, Tony & Alistair– Little Smeaton– Burglaries

We are very concerned about the recent spate of burglaries and attempted burglaries within Little Smeaton and Kirk Smeaton. There have been several of these incidents over the past few months, many carried out in daylight. There have also been increasing incidents of fly tipping. 

Despite all the incidents being reported by residents, and CCTV footage supplied, we are very concerned that the police do not appear to be taking this seriously, and that there does not seem to be any visible police presence throughout the area. 

Is there a dedicated team of police officers/detectives investigating and making use of CCTV and positive lines of inquiry? 

What is NYP doing to protect the residents of Little Smeaton and reduce crime here?

Q8 Derek– Scarborough– Pavement Parking
Why do police actively support the parking on pavements even though the Highway Code is crystal clear that , if a driver believes it is not safe to park entirely on the road, the solution is NOT to park on the pavement, even if it is “only” partially on the pavement? The code clearly states the driver should find another space where it IS safe to park entirely on the road.; the ONLY time it is acceptable to park on a pavement is if the authorities have painted a parking space. Why do the police believe pedestrians should be treated with contempt. Why do the police themselves fail to park safely instead of blocking a path; are they so unfit they cannot walk?  

Q9  Tony– Scarborough– Racing
I moved to Scarborough over three years ago, hoping to live a quiet life overlooking the North Bay.  

This has sadly not been the case as we have to constantly endure “boy and girl racers” driving at very high speeds around Marine Drive in their noisy, modified cars.  

We are very regular walkers and very rarely see any police presence. I presume this will increase when we see the inevitable serious accident, but why wait? 

Q18 Carroll – Scarborough – Speeding 

I have tried to get help for use residents of Hackness Road moor lane newbypolice call this a rat run speeds 50 60 from early morning 6am till I pm every day no break at all no speed restriction signs at all needs to be 20 or 30 miles for safety residential area can you help helphelp

Q10  Michael– Great Ayton – Officer Social Media
​​Does North Yorkshire Police have a policy on the use of social media by officers and staff, if so, is it available to the public?
A10 – 
Policy Template 2020 (

Q11 William– Skipton – Gender Identities

If a male who identifies as a woman commits a crime, how is that crime recorded in NYP records? Is it recorded as being a crime committed by a man or a woman? What is NYP policy on this? 

Q13 Anthony – Scarborough–ASB

After years of enduring anti-social behaviour on our green in our (Albermarle) crescent we were promised drinking in public would be reviewed and probably made a criminal offence in certain areas. Has this policy been dropped as it is the only solution we can see to stopping this?  

Q14 Helen– Pickering–Road Safety

My question relates to general road safety although I don’t know how much of this is the responsibility of the police and/or the local authority/highways. ​​

There seems to be a general disregard of speeding restrictions within Pickering – especially on the A170 and A169 – and indeed on other residential roads, such as Outgang Road, which is used regularly as a ‘rat run’ by drivers wanting to avoid the roundabout by the Forest & Vale hotel. This is an area where there are no safe crossing places. ​​

There is also an issue of vehicles parking on pavements and so making it difficult for pedestrians to negotiate around these vehicles without having to go onto the main road. ​​

Lastly, I am concerned at the number of people using the pavements as cycle ways – not so much if the bikes are ridden safely but most are not, and they come from behind, with no warning whatsoever, and far too fast and dangerously.

Q15 – County Councillor Andy Brown– Cononley–Speed Cameras

What has been the outcome of the review into introducing fixed and average speed cameras into North Yorkshire? Are we going to be able to effectively police hotspots where speeding happens 24 hours a day in our county without fixed and average speed cameras? Why do we remain one of only two counties in the whole country who don’t utilize them?

Q16 Annette–Scarborough – Gender Identities

I want to know that women and girls are fully protected and that the 5 Peelian principles are upheld. Can you answer the following: 

  • Do you record sex registered at birth for suspects and victims? 
  • Do you allow victims of violent or sexual crime to choose the sex registered at birth of those interviewing them and conducting forensic examinations? 
  • Do you ensure that searching of detainees is conducted on a same sex basis according to sex registered at birth? 
  • Do you ensure adequate single sex toilets and changing facilities in your buildings? 
  • Do you ensure that press releases and communications with the public concerning persons of interest are accurate with respect to sex registered at birth? 
  • Do you ensure police officers have a single warrant card regardless of the number of gender identities they adopt? 
  • Do you commit to upholding freedom of thought and freedom of expression? 

Q17  Jack – Middleton Tyas – Police priorities 

No one could sensitively argue that inappropriate speed is OK and the civilian operated speed vans bear witness to this. But, should speeding be priority 1 for our police?What of the spread of drugs among our young people? Much more difficult and dangerous to our police when dealing with these criminals.

But, how many lives, it is estimated, have been saved by the speeding initiative by comparison with those blighted by illegal drugs during the same period? 

Q19  James – Yarm 

Why was it necessary for the Acting Chief Constable to create a video apologising to the LGBTQ+ community. I want to know what exactly he was apologising for? 

Q20 David – York – When to call 999 or 101

I act in a police liaison capacity for the residents of St Paul’s Square, York.  

Would you please clarify the police advice on the use of the 999 call in emergency and how each call is assessed by the police.  

We have had number incidents in the past when this facility was and was not used. Very recently at 4 a.m. a man persistently rang a doorbell of a house in the square. In this case the resident called 111 and was told it did not merit follow up action. The advice from our PCSO Sue Court is if in doubt ring 999. 

Please advise. 

Q22 Beverley – Richmond – Training 

Following a report in the wake of the Sarah Everard case and in response to other high profile cases where police offices have broken the code of behaviour towards women and girls, I was surprised to hear that there is no compulsory training for police officers in England. As individual forces are able to determine their own levels of training, I’d like to know what North Yorkshire offers its personnel

  1. What level of training do all police officers receive? 
  2. How much of this training is face-to-face?
  3. If some training is online, what is the format of this traininge.ggroup teaching, self-study package?
  4. How does North Yorkshire Police monitor officers to ensurethey areadhering to the training they have received?

Q23 Jakub – York – Cyclists

Why are Police not stopping cyclists without a light. They are causing such a big risk to themselves and innocent drivers. 

Q25 Via X –  Gwen – York
#NYscrutiny we heard SIX months ago that a *senior* police officer had been suspended and the @policeconduct was investigating-
Are the hapless ratepayers paying this individual full salary to sit at home?
How long will this go on?

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