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Public accountability meeting – 27 October 2020 – Young people

Meeting overview

This month’s meeting focuses on:

  • Safeguarding young people

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The full procedure for asking questions at this meeting is available here: Procedure for public questions

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    Send your question to before the day of the meeting. Please include your name and address with your question.
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  • Not all questions may be able to be used, but they will inform the Commissioner’s questioning and the general discussion.


  • Chair – Julia Mulligan – North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Lisa Winward – Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Andrew Brodie – Chief Fire Officer, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service


  • Thomas Thorp – Interim Assistant Chief Executive & Deputy Monitoring Officer
  • Caroline Blackburn – Interim Assistant Chief Executive & Deputy Monitoring Officer


  • Mark Pannone – Assistant Chief Constable

Young people presentation:

  • Allan Harder- Detective Superintendent Safeguarding
  • Allan Wescott- Detective Chief Inspector

Performance update:

  • Annette Anderson – Assistant Chief Constable


Safeguarding and Young people presentation:

  • Andrew Brodie – Chief Fire Officer
  • Dave Winspear – Group Manager Prevention and Protection
  • Hannah Oakley – Safeguarding Officer

Performance update:

  • Jon Foster – Deputy Chief Fire Officer


No Time Item Lead
1 13:30 Attendance and introductions Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
2 13:32 Minutes of previous meeting and Actions All
3 13:35 Public questions Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
4 13:40 Young People Police
5 14:25 Performance update Police
6 14:45 Safeguarding and Youth Interventions Fire
7 15:30 Performance update Fire
8 15:50 Public questions Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
9 15:55 Any other business All
10 16:00 Next meeting 24 November  2020

Meeting papers

Public questions

  • In view of the recent third tragic death of a third young teenager due to ecstasy in North Yorkshire, and following four deaths at universities in the North East should it not now be time for a major media and education campaign to make young people and parents more aware of the dangers.
    Many thanks
    Janet Gleeson

Gwen Swinburn @GSwinburn

  • Please will you minute & thank Officers for their responsiveness regarding this year’s #citizenaudit. I understand new procedures are logged for recording top staff foreign travel training trips.. I will follow up to ensure changes made for proper scrutiny.
  • May I ask that a separate written report be submitted to this group & to Police & Crime Panel members on what went wrong, the action plan & transparency plan to right this wrong? Appreciate self report -what is the deal with legal firm?
  • Please as a start & besides open data & clear path to disclosure log.. will you add an Foi performance table to your comprehensive performance reports reported in these meetings? @CCNYP @DCCPhilCain

Hi @ccnyp this was the question I sent.. it was about the Foi @ICOnews report. Tx for reply .. however regarding Foi performance moving forward .. can we please have a page added to your performance report to this group? And also open data commitment .. looks like you outsource.

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