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Corporate performance, delivery and scrutiny board – 28 June 2016


To ask the Board a question

The full procedure for asking questions at this meeting is available here: Procedure for public questions

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    Send your question to info@northyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk before midday on Friday 24 June, please include your name and address with your question.
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    There will be a cut off point for asking questions, this will be announced during the meeting.

Meeting overview

  • Update on progress with the Police and Crime Plan priority 2: Cutting Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Policing the roads. Update on road safety and automatic number plate recognition from the Road Crime Team.
  • Inspection Activity review – updates on recommendations


No. Time Item Purpose Lead
1 13:30 Attendance and apologies To note attendance and apologies Julia Mulligan, Joanna Carter A/CEO Dennis / A/CC Madgwick
2 13:35 Minutes of previous meeting To discuss and agree the draft minutes of the previous meeting held on 26th April 2016 and provide updates on the action log ALL
3 13:40 Forward Planner To discuss proposed thematic items for future meetings ALL
4 13:45 Questions from the public To address questions raised by the public in advance in relation to the agenda A/CEO Dennis / A/CC Madgwick
5 13:55 Thematic –Priority 2: Cut Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour (including Performance / Outcomes Updates To review the evidence to support progress to meet outcomes ACC Winward
6 14:35 Policing the Roads update (including updates on the Road Crime Teams and ANPR Function) To provide an update on Policing the Roads within North Yorkshire. A/CC Tim Madgwick  /Leanne McConnell
7 15:05 Inspection Activity Review including updates on recommendations To provide an overview of up and coming inspection activity Maria Earles
8 15:15 Questions on Twitter To address questions raised by the public during the meeting in relation to the agenda A/CEO Dennis / A/CC Madgwick
9 15:25 Any other business ALL
10 Date of Next Meeting 26th July 2016 at 13:30hrs in the Thornton Meeting Room, West Offices, York
11 15:30 Meeting part 2 To deal with matters of a restricted nature A/CC Madgwick /  and A/CEO Dennis

Meeting papers

Public questions

via Twitter

  • @Neil_Wilby
    Why is PCC not holding Chief Constable to account over persistent, deliberate & unlawful data/information breaches?

Watch the Board answer this question