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Public accountability meeting – 24 July 2018 – Counter terrorism

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Meeting overview

This month’s meeting focuses on counter terrorism.

This meeting will explain how counter-terrorism is managed by North Yorkshire Police and look at the work undertaken by them.

It will also look at the work that is undertaken on a national level and inform people of what they should do if they suspect terrorist activity.

Ask a question

The full procedure for asking questions at this meeting is available here: Procedure for public questions

  • To ask a question in advance 
    Send your question to info@northyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk before midday on Friday 20 July, please include your name and address with your question.
  • To ask a question during the meeting using Twitter
    To ask a question during the live broadcast, post your question on Twitter using #NYPscrutiny


No. Time Click to view Purpose Lead
1 13:30 Apologies PCC
2 13:35 Minutes of previous meeting To discuss and agree the draft minutes of the previous meeting held on 26 June 2018 and to discuss the action log. ALL
3 13:35 Questions from the public To address questions raised by the public in advance in relation to the agenda PCC
4 13:45 Counter Terrorism Main presentation and discussion. ACC Oliver
5 15:30 Performance / Updates / 101 Performance and outcome updates – Improving customer service via 101 & 999 DCC
6 15:50 Questions on Twitter To address questions raised by the public during the meeting in relation to the agenda PCC / CC
7 15:55 Any other business  ALL
8  16:00 Date of Next Meeting 28 August – Cyber Crime

Agenda papers