Jo Coles - York and North Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing, Fire and Crime

Jo Coles - North Yorkshire Deputy Mayor for Policing, Fire and Crime

Corporate Performance Delivery and Scrutiny Board – 25 August 2015

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Questions from the public

1 – Question about anti-social behaviour in Whitby from: Jane Hunt, Whitby

Anti social behaviour, fuelled by alcohol, seems to be really bad in Whitby at the moment. Apart from the occasional police van screeching up at an incident, there appears to be very little being done about the perpetrators. Residents and visitors have to endure the loud, crude, vulgar and inappropriate behaviour of the intoxicated. Can and will anything be done about the problem?

2 – Question about anti-social behaviour in Whitby from: John Robertson, Whitby


There has been a increase in drinking on the streets outside pubs involving foul language, aggressive behaviour and general abuse to the public .

This is often conducted in front of family’s and tourists who are here for a holiday .

As a business owner this has direct consequences for trade .

People will refuse to walk down a street because of the negative behaviour caused by the problems I have indicated .

Very little police presence has been observed and the community police refused to act saying they have no powers .

I hope something can be done to improve monitoring this situation and action taken against the public houses who refuse to act and stop this deteriorating circumstances.

3 – Question about questions from the public from: David Petch, address not known

I am the coordinator for Arncliffe Road Neighbourhood Watch. I suggest that if the Board is serious about seeking questions/views from the public it gives more notice. An e mail message sent on Friday afternoon inviting questions for a meeting the following Tuesday  does not suggest the Board is seriously seeking considered views.

4 – Question about hunting from: Tommy Woodward, Pickering

The new hunting season starts with cubbing, or autumn hunting as they now call it, in a couple of weeks.

Have the police, considering that a Middleton Hunt terrierman was convicted of blocking a badger sett recently, asked the hunt why they would be blocking setts (or earths) if they are trail hunting?
Secondly, have the hunt fully explained why 16 fox cubs were found, being visited by the same hunt terrierman, in a barn at the hunt kennels?

5 – Question about police vehicles from: Jane Mosley, address not known

During this time of austerity I was wondering why North Yorkshire traffic police drive such high end expensive branded cars when surely a cheaper alternative would do the job just as satisfactorily? I understand you may get good deals as you purchase many at a time but surely this would be the same with the likes of Ford or Vauxhall. To me it seems a luxury for the police personnel and of no benefit for the tax payer when money could be saved by down grading.

Framework agreement for the purchase of police vehicles

Link to framework agreement:

Once the page loads click on documents tab to access the Framework agreement.

North Yorkshire Police currently purchase vehicle makes listed below via this Crown Commercial Service.

Category A – Peugeot
Turnkey general purpose patrol vehicle
Low performance small
Low performance medium
Low performance intermediate

Category B – BMW
High performance compact
High performance standard

Category C – BMW
High Performance 4X4

Category D – Ford
Non – high performance 4×4

Category E – Peugeot
Small van

Category F – Ford
Panel van up to 3500kg
Turnkey panel van up to 3500kg

6 – Question about Building developments in Richmondshire from: Gareth Sutterby, Colburn

What proactive plans do NYP have in place to mitigate the risk of increased crime, anti social behaviour etc. in the Richmondshire area with the introduction of an additional 3,000 residential homes in line with the Local Plan. As a resident of Colburn I have particular concerns as the Local Plan intends to parachute 1,200 of these homes into our parish alone, 30% of which will be social / affordable housing. Our area already experiences it’s fair share of anti social behaviour which is policed by a very thin blue line of NYP officers. To expect the same resources to meet likely increase of required policing is not acceptable.

7 – Question about road safety from: Gareth Sutterby, Colburn

Following the death of another motorist on Leyburn Road, so soon after the tragic events that took the lives of two young soldiers; what plans are in place to reduce further accidents at this black spot? I am confused at the obsession of NYP in parking the speed gun / camera at Scotton Road in the attempt to catch out people working in Catterick Garrison when it should be focusing on the traffic at Leyburn Road.

This long stretch of road is used as a speed track by locals and particularly HGV drivers carrying product from the quarries for the A1 project.


Meeting overview

This meeting looked at how the police are progressing with Police and Crime Plan – Priority four – Improve victim care.

Victims and witnesses should be at the centre of the criminal justice system and shape the service. The police will respond to the public’s demand for justice by:

  • Working with the Crown Prosecution Service and other partners to properly understand and meet victims’ needs
  • Ensuring the appropriate use of cautions
  • Meticulously preparing cases for charging
  • Embedding restorative justice

These objectives focus on improving the range of opportunities to help victims better cope and recover, including commissioning new services and improvements in communication and support from the police and criminal justice partners.


1. 13:00 Attendance and apologies To note attendance and apologiesApologies: CC Jones, Julia Mulligan, ACC McIntosh CEO/DCC  
2. 13:05 Minutes of previous meeting To discuss and agree the draft           minutes of the previous meeting held      on 28th July 2015 ALL
3. 13:10 Forward Planner To discuss proposed thematic items for future meetings ALL
4. 13:15 Questions from the public To address questions raised by the public in relation to the agenda CEO/DCC
5. 13:25 Thematic – Priority 4: Victim Care Monthly Substantive Item: Priority 4Victim CareTo provide a detailed performance update for scrutiny against this priority strand Leanne McConnell & Jenni Newberry
6. 14:10 Performance / Outcome Updates Monthly Substantive Item: To scrutinise the current performance levels including trends and any actions arising ACC Kennedy
7. 14:30 Priority Delivery Strands To provide performance updates against each priority delivery strand on a month by month basis including any exceptions ALL
7a.   Priority 1 – Protecting vulnerable people ACC Kennedy
7b.   Priority 2 – Cut crime and Anti Social Behaviour Update not received for August ACC Kennedy
7c.   Priority 3 – Prevention and Early Intervention Supt Anderson & Jenni Newberry
7d.   Priority 5 – Transforming the Organisation (a) Collaborative Services(b) Local Policing Model(c) Enabling Services (Estates and Information Technology) T/ACC Ken McIntosh & Maria Earles
7e.   Priority 6 – People First Update not received for AugustNo update/since last meeting for July T/ACC McIntoshR Holmes &L Wood
7f.   Priority 7 – Partnerships and Commissioning Supt   Anderson & Jenni Newberry
7g.   Priority 8 – Affordability Maria Earles
8. 14:45 Corporate Risk Group Summary of Corporate Risk Register DCC/CEO
9. 14:55 Any other business ALL
10.   Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 22nd September 2015 at 13:30hrs at West Offices, York
11. 15:00 Meeting part 2 To deal with matters of a restricted nature PCC/DCC