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Public accountability meeting – 23 February 2021

Meeting overview

This month’s meeting focuses on:

  • North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service –  Defining and managing risk
    An update on the development of a community risk profile for the county, to help understand the risks facing our communities so that we can target our activities effectively.
  • North Yorkshire Police – Stalking
    An insight into North Yorkshire Police’s approach to dealing with stalking and harassment, to understand the recording, investigation process and hear about the services to support victims and reduce reoffending.

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The full procedure for asking questions at this meeting is available here: Procedure for public questions

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  • Not all questions may be able to be used, but they will inform the Commissioner’s questioning and the general discussion.


  • Chair – Julia Mulligan – North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Lisa Winward – Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police
  • Andrew Brodie – Chief Fire Officer, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service


  • Thomas Thorp – Interim Assistant Chief Executive & Deputy Monitoring Officer
  • Caroline Blackburn – Interim Assistant Chief Executive & Deputy Monitoring Officer


Defining and managing risk presentation:

  • Andrew Brodie – Chief Fire Officer, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Performance update:

  • Jon Foster – Deputy Chief Fire Officer


Stalking presentation:

  • Allan Harder – Detective Superintendent Safeguarding
  • Jenni Newberry – Head of Commissioning and Partnerships

Performance update:

  • Mark Pannone – Assistant Chief Constable 


No Time Item Lead
1 13:30 Attendance and introductions Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
2 13:32 Minutes of previous meeting and Actions All
3 13:35 Public questions Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
4 13:40 Defining and managing risk Fire
5 14:25 Performance update Fire
6 14:45 Stalking

Supporting victims of crime

7 15:30 Performance update Police
8 15:50 Public questions Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
9 15:55 Any other business All
10 16:00 Next meeting 23 March  2021

Meeting papers

Public questions

  • Question 1
    Julie Hoyle
    Please would you elaborate if you can on what exactly is a stalking clinic?
    Thank you

  • Question 2
    Alison Hume
    Agenda item 4. Defining Risk Presentation – Fire
    Should the interpretation of the incident data not also include response times and duration of incident intervention?

  • Question 3 – 5
    Alison Hume
    Agenda item 7. Performance Report- Police – Operational & FCR – January 2021Page 3: There is said to be a dip in Mental Health related incidents this month. Is this not due to the current lockdown and in fact shows just a lack of reported incidents?Page 20: What analysis has been performed to make best use of deployment of new police officers?Page 21: Why no increase in PCSOs? Was a resourcing decision made only for an increase in PCs? If so who made this decision and why? Was this a central government decision?

  • Question 6
    Gwen Swinburn @GSwinburn
    When someone has been imprisoned for rape, what rules / good practices are in place to ensure that employers inform their staff. What are the duty of care obligations?

  • Question 7
    Gwen Swinburn @GSwinburn
    “North Yorkshire Police’s legal opinion informs them that Uber drivers working in York ARE breaking the law, so now have the power to remove them from the city”.
    Can you ask the Police to confirm what their position is after this and reports on News and Local media?

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