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Public accountability meeting – 20 March 2023 – NYP

The focus of this month’s meeting

2:30-4:00pm – North Yorkshire Police 

  • HMICFRS – PEEL Inspection Report
    PEEL (police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy) is the HMICFRS regular assessment of police forces in England and Wales. They use inspection findings, analysis and professional judgment to assess how good forces are in several areas of policing. Most of these areas are then graded as outstanding, good, adequate, requires improvement or inadequate.
  • 2021/2022 North Yorkshire Police – PEEL Assessment 17 March 2023

Ask your question on this month’s hot topics

The full procedure for asking questions at this meeting is available here: Procedure for public questions

  • To ask a question in advance 
    Send your question to info@northyorkshire-pfcc.gov.uk before the day of the meeting. Please include your name and address with your question.
  • To ask a question during the meeting using Twitter
    To ask a question during the live broadcast, post your question on Twitter using #NYscrutiny
  • Not all questions may be able to be used, but they will inform the Commissioner’s questioning and the general discussion.

2:30-4:00pm – North Yorkshire Police – PEEL Inspection Report


  • Chair – Zoë Metcalfe, North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner
  • Lisa Winward – NYP Chief Constable
  • Mabs Hussain – NYP Deputy Chief Constable
  • Simon Dennis – Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer, OPFCC
  • Jenni Newberry – Assistant Commissioner, OPFCC
  • Elliot Foskett – NYP Assistant Chief Constable
  • Scott Bisset – NYP Assistant Chief Constable
  • Amanda Wilkinson– Director for Public Trust and Confidence, Office of the PFCC
  • Tamara Pattinson – Director for Delivery and Assurance, Office of the PFCC

Thematic presentation:

  • Lisa Winward – NYP Chief Constable

Performance update:

  • Scott Bisset – NYP Assistant Chief Constable


Time Item Lead
1 14:30 Attendance and introductions Chair
2 14:32 Minutes of previous meeting and Actions All
3 14:35 Public questions Chair
4 14:40 Presentation Police
5 15:20 Performance update Police
6 15:50 Public questions Chair
7 15:55 Any other business All
8 16:00 Meeting ends

Meeting papers

Public questions

Q1 – Ms Lack – York – Road safety
Why does North Yorkshire Police not use fixed speed cameras?

Q2 – Mr Smout – Cowling – Road safety
I live in the village of Cowling,North Yorkshire. (BD22 post code )
The A6068 is a main road through the village between West Yorkshire & Lancashire & there is a 30 mph speed limit through the mile long village which  is  ignored by many drivers,  driving at speeds up to 100 mph. Despite the efforts of the North Yorkshire Police mobile speed van & Highways department road improvements, the number of people ignoring the limit continues to be a very serious concern. It is so dangerous that it’s been classified as a KS1  side and too dangerous for a lollipop person to provide safe road crossing for schoolchildren.North Yorkshire has historically not used any fixed or average speed cameras within its jurisdiction that  the mobile speed camera van system is more effective. The county is just 1 of 4 other uk counties who don’t have any fixed or average speed cameras. 39 other counties feel they are worth deploying and evidence is available to prove that fixed & average speed cameras reduce speeding traffic & cut the number of crashes & deaths.Residents of Cowling and many other North Yorkshire villages on  main roads, such as the A65 want the county to install fixed and average speed cameras, just as the neighbouring counties do.
My question is:“Why does North Yorkshire have no fixed or average speed cameras & ignore the overwhelming evidence that they are a better option than mobile speed cameras?”

Q3 – County Councillor Bob Packham – Road safety
I understand from NYCC that North Yorkshire Police is undertaking a review of enforcement on highways, including the possible use of fixed and average speed cameras.
My ward includes the biker café at Newthorp and the surrounding roads have high accident rates, including numerous serious and fatal accidents, clearly visible by reference to crash maps.  Yesterday was the first warm day this year and the immediate effect was numerous speeding motorbikes on the roads around Sherburn, particularly on the B1222 the A162 and Sir John’s Lane.
In addition to this issue, there are known speeding issues (not just motorcycles) on Kirkgate/Church Hill, and drivers constantly jump the lights in the village centre.  A few weeks ago I watched the lights with one of your officers and in ten light changes there were six instances when vehicles drove through red lights.
As I am sure you are aware the issue of road safety is a big issue with North Yorkshire residents and it is clear from my discussions with other County Councillors that my division is not an exception when it comes to traffic offences.
In view of this please would you let me know what the present review involves, and when the outcomes will be published.  Is there a public consultation strategy? Are Town and Parish Councils being consulted?

Q4 – Mr Hinchliffe – Policing in Whitby
Safety in Whitby at weekends and in high season May to November Bearing in mind the No of residents , people staying in increased numbers in rapidly increasing accommodation  and trains from Newcastle ,hartlepool ,Middlesborough and Gateshead (Hepworth ) , full coastlines and day visitors the town can absolutely full .By mid afternoon ,the place visibly has alcohol based behaviours that increase into the night.
Can we please have more full time police foot patrols in the towns main thoroughfares ,how many police individuals have we in Whitby at max and min times ? The police station must be empty .
– Can you liaise with the north Yorkshire new Unitary Authority to  increase traffic warden presence  daily across the borough and villages ?

We all recognise North Yorkshire police in underfunded ,understaffed  and needs to better serve it paying citizens

Q5 – Mr Moffatt – Policing in Selby
Why is there no police presence at all on view in Selby Town centre on a Friday evening?
If like you did years ago you showed a visual presence on the square in the town centre outside the Abbey but the police are never anywhere to be seen now on a Friday and Saturday night.

Q6 – Cllr George Norman – Response to HMICFRS Inspection
The (Commissioner Zoë’s) quote states that the role of the PFCC is clear (a rather brave statement in my view!) but also then outlines the steps the commissioner is taking solely with regards to minor scrutiny and observation.
It strikes me that the three areas that the commissioner has the most responsibility towards and the most direct control over herself, rather than simple scrutiny of, are strategic planning, organisational management and value for money. These appear to be the areas you are failing in most. The fact that the commissioner wants to take no action other than to blame others, take no responsibility, and scrutinise more seems potentially to be rather pertinent to the root of the issue.
Other than scrutiny, what steps within her powers over organisational management and budget setting will the commissioner herself take to address her own failings?

Q7 – Mr Mcdonald – York – HMICFRS Inspection
The HMIC report is a failure of leadership by the Chief Constable who has been responsible for the force for nearly 5 yrs.  Prior to that she was the Deputy Chief.
What will she do to take personal responsibility for her poor leadership of the force during this 4yr period of the inspection.

Q8 – Mr Chapman – Harrogate – HMICFRS Inspection
Here at Harrogate BID we stand ready to work together, in collaboration, to challenge some of these issues but of course I do feel it is apt for me to follow this up with you.
For the past 18 months we have been told the data doesn’t support our opinion of the ASB & crime challenges Harrogate businesses are facing on a daily basis. This report proves there is a lack of resource, there are inadequacies in reporting & responding and there are serious concerns around strategic planning and organisational management. Whilst the local data may not back this (due to people being frustrated in the reporting process and giving up!) this internal report now gives us the backing and evidence in the areas we have again been banging the drum about for the past 18 months.
We recently delivered a survey to all BID members. Out of the businesses who responded 82% said ASB and crime had increased over the past year and that they wanted immediate action as it was effecting trade. This perception is also supported by Harrogate Pubwatch and the monthly ASB meetings the BID facilitates.
How you intend to combat these findings so we can champion these actions alongside you?

Gwen – via Twitter – Road Safety
Hi Zoe – I note the town and parish councils all get consulted on road safety & no doubt other issues- as York Central has no such democratic advantage- don’t you think a separate consultation approach should be in place to address this democratic disadvantage? #nyscrutiny?

Gwen – via Twitter – HMICFRS
Can we see the improvement plan now @northyorkspfcc ?? #nyscrutiny – cause so much of the peel actions are opaque (incl audit) we can only take @ccnyp word for it – not good enuf pl review & publish both police & fire improvement plan & agendas include these ..thank you @HMICFRS

Watch live

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsSkifFkstw

Commissioner’s website: https://bit.ly/PAM20March2023